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How Universities Can Overcome the Threat of the Graduate Skills Mismatch

In today’s world of advanced technologies, constant development, and progress, the issue of unemployment only aggravates alongside the significant level of skills shortage. Education has always been the guarantee of future professional success and a prosperous career giving the students opportunities and alternatives. Still, it turns out that nowadays, the universities and colleges face the growing problem of skill mismatch that impacts the students’ knowledge and experience, leading them to seek academic assistance and pay for essays to some legit essay writing service, their choice of the institution, confidence in one’s perspectives and finally, their ability to find the dignified job. We have decided to investigate this question to define and present the best ways universities may start fighting and overcoming the graduate skills mismatch and here what we have found.

A growing challenge

First of all, the modern-day educational institutions tend to please the potential students’ ears by persuading them that they manage to effectively combine their talents with the current skills shortage to make them fully prepared for the most promising jobs of the nearest future. Still, as it turns out the students suffer the inability to encounter the job positions that would completely suit their skills and experiences obtained in the universities. Without a doubt, everybody believes that his or her chosen course and classes would give them everything necessary and required on the contemporary job market. But sometimes it happens that the university realizes the upcoming threat of the skills mismatch and the immediate measures must be taken to prevent the students’ failure of having insufficient skills. In this case, the universities should remain true and sincere with their students and do not promise them successful career opportunities ("What's the story behind the skills mismatch at university?", 2019). Specifically, to avoid the skills mismatch, the institutions must realize and consider the fact of the outdated course materials, the professors’ lack of knowledge, impossibility to provide the students with all the essentials to not only be professional in one’s field but also be able to apply it in practice while working.

Regular study of the skills mismatch

In general, it is important to take into consideration the graduates’ experience, the ways they perceive their qualifications and jobs, and what their views on the obtained degree. In such a way, the inquiry would allow understanding the requirements of the modern job market, the demands, and desires of today’s employers who apart from basic knowledge and subjects struggle to see some advanced skills, individual approach, creative and critical thinking. That is, the universities should constantly study the skills mismatch, especially in situations with their former students to make improvements and changes in the system standards ("Higher education could help solve the job crisis – Report", 2019). On the whole, the universities must always remain competitive and fully informed about the needs of today’s world attempting to give their students space for self-expression and creativity eliminating the subjects and manuals that dictate the information, practices, and facts that do not work today.

Updating the curricula and syllabus

Some of the most effective and successful tactics in fighting and preventing the skills mismatch reside in the great emphasis on studying curricula, educational innovations, regular updating of all the aspects and finally, the creation of new classes, courses, and techniques ("How Universities Can Overcome The Threat Of The Graduate Skills Mismatch - Topsconnect", 2019). To be more specific, the universities must constantly change their course curricula eliminating or adding something that is either unnecessary or unique for the students’ better academic performance and higher willingness to study. The subjects and materials have to match the needs and values of the contemporary world to sound interesting and important. What is more, the universities are to adapt their syllabus to meet the requirements of the most prosperous industries and to allow students to be confident in their future career success.

Career training

One of the most effective practices the universities may apply to avoid the skills mismatch is the implementation of career training. In other words, the students should be able to attend some additional training that is connected with their profession to gain practical experience and be better prepared for real jobs. Besides, such career counseling and training may indeed assist in understanding the specifics of the jobs, the details, risks, and aspects which are critical for being a real professional.

New courses mean a new experience

Perhaps, apart from career training and some accent on the regularly updated curricula, it is also essential to provide students with a range of new courses and classes ("How Universities Can Overcome The Threat Of The Graduate Skills Mismatch - Topsconnect", 2019). Mainly, the unique classes that present the knowledge and practice of some new activities and skills will make the student life less boring, more interesting and exciting giving them the possibility to become the diversely developed personalities ready to meet any challenges of the surrounding world.

To sum up, the issue of the skills mismatch only increases with the job market constantly changing its rules, demands, and needs. Still, following our advice, the universities would minimize the risk of skills mismatch and to the contrary, would raise the chances of students’ both successful academic performance and promising career prospects. Paying attention to the contemporary market requirements and adapting the universities' values to it will definitely result in the overall prosperity and satisfaction.

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