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How Toronto Parents are Preparing Their Kids for Careers in STEM

It is common knowledge that careers in STEM — science, technology, engineering, and math — can be incredibly lucrative, and also give people an opportunity to put their creativity to use solving some of the world’s most important problems.

But STEM fields are also incredibly competitive, and giving your child a head start in this sector requires a good deal of forethought. This is why many parents decide to hire a private Toronto math tutor when they really want their kids to have an advantage.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of hiring a Toronto tutor who can help get your child ready for post-secondary success in STEM subjects, here are three ways tutors who specialize in mathematics can help.

A Personal Approach

In large groups, teachers often don’t have time to address each student’s questions and help them build on their particular strengths. This is why teaching students in social contexts has to be complemented with study sessions that take a more personal approach.

A parent can help by going over homework and difficult material covered in class together with their child. Similarly, tutors who are specialists both in STEM subjects and in pedagogic techniques can help children realize their STEM potential by targeting each child’s learning needs.

2. Introduce Your Child to Advanced Topics Early

School curriculums plan out a progression from basic to advanced topics. These study plans have to work well enough for many different students. In other words, they are designed with an average learner in mind. But in reality, there are no average learners: everyone’s learning path is unique. Standardized curriculums, while practical, can inadvertently result in stalling your child’s progress and limiting their potential.

Not only are students able to handle material that is marked as advanced, there are huge benefits to exposing your child to advanced topics early. When provided with proper personalized support, students are able to take on significant learning challenges. Tackling an advanced topic helps students and teachers identify strengths and interests, which would otherwise have remained invisible.

3. Use Challenges to Build Confidence

Math and science-related subjects can be intimidating for kids, especially if they encounter challenging material early on. But finding a particular topic difficult doesn’t have to spell defeat. By contrast, it can be an important step on the path to excellence. Research has shown that education can play a huge role in boosting confidence.

The key to turning difficulties into learning opportunities is to help the student shift their focus from getting things right on the test to understanding how things work. To support this shift in attitude, teachers, parents and tutors can work together to create an atmosphere in which creativity and courage are rewarded.

Many experts suggest that we are moving into a future where many jobs will become obsolete thanks to automation. But because STEM-related industries are much more focussed toward anticipating and developing new technologies, they will continue growing in importance.

Setting your child up for a future career in one of these industries is essential for their long-term job prospects, so why not start exploring your options for engaging a local Toronto math tutor today?

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