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6 Shocking Secrets Of Former Casino Dealers

Casinos are a place where people tend to spend hours upon hours. Whether they are taking spins on slots or hoping for a good poker hand, players don’t seem to get sick of their chosen game.

From a player’s perspective, a casino might look like some type of wonderland. Bright colored lights, loud music, drink servers and money galore are all appealing to anyone walking by.

From the inside, however, casinos appear quite differently. Casino dealers see a side of these places that players don’t usually get to see.

To get an understanding of what truly goes on behind-the-scenes of a casino, these are six crazy secrets that casinos hide from their players.

Casinos Are Meant to Take Your Money

Just like any business, casinos exist to make a profit. Unfortunately, their business profits off of your losses.

Per WeeklySlotNews, gambling revenue around the world is constantly on the rise because of how popular the industry is. Further, with the increased playing of online casinos and slots, the industry is growing bigger. With easier access to gambling comes easier money-making potential.

Online and live slots, while seemingly innocent, are actually some of the biggest culprits of taking your money. Profits from penny slots no less make up nearly half of Nevada’s gambling revenue.

Because the purpose of casinos is to make money, there is no reason to go into a casino expecting to win big.

Small wins are fun, but there is a good chance you’ll lose more than you walk away with. It’s best to just look at a casino as a form of entertainment rather than as a place to win big money.

Not All Games are Created Equal

The different casino games all have different odds. Some have a huge house advantage, giving you a low chance to win.

Others may have lower payouts but there is a greater chance that you will win. Watch out for the table games that are variations of other popular games. They are created for the house to win, which is why they have such high payout odds.

The high payout potential attracts players, but they have to pay in at a higher price where the house is very likely to win.

It can be easier for players to strategize at other games, like video poker. By playing frequently and studying the game, players can get better and win more.

You Can Steal from the Casino

Well, not really steal. But you can enjoy everything the casino offers without spending a dime on the games, which they expect all visitors to do.

Most casinos offer free shows and entertainment. They assume you are spending money on the casino games so they give you more excitement that is free to do.

If you don’t gamble, however, you are getting a show completely free. You won’t be giving in to the lure of the games but still enjoying your time there.

While the shows are fun to experience, most casinos offer food that is to die for. The buffets offer some of the greatest deals because they expect you to spend money in the casino.

You can also enjoy sitdown restaurant meals at some casinos to live the life of luxury (check out this amazing list of restaurants in Atlantic City, curated by GNM). Though the gambling can be intriguing, you can really benefit from a visit to the casino if you just enjoy the lavish lifestyle.

Casinos are Built to Make You Stay

Have you ever looked around a casino and not even known what time of day it was? There are likely no windows on the casino floor that would allow you to see outside.

This is a common design choice because it keeps players from noticing just how long they’ve been playing.

It is also very unlikely that you’d be able to find a clock anywhere on the floor. These are both strategies of the casino to keep you from wanting to leave because you’ve been playing too long.

If you can’t see what time it is, you’ll just play all day and night! The atmosphere of casinos is what makes them so appealing to play in for hours according to Gamblers Daily Digest staff.

Some Table Games Are in Your Favor

While most games are created to benefit the house, some actually have a lower house edge than you might think.

Baccarat, for example, is a hugely popular table game with pretty good odds for its players. For this reason, casinos keep the tables hidden in areas where the high rollers tend to play.

Players that love baccarat tend to bet high, and in combination with the thin house edge, the casino is in danger of losing money.

According to Adrian Sireca at Online Casino Gems, a veneteran Vegas gambler, “If a player bets $10,000 per hand, there is a chance they could win $1 million at the expense of the casino. Casino managers don’t want people realizing just how good their odds are at the game, so they push other games and hide baccarat tables.”

Some “loose slots” might be in your favor as they tend to pay out more frequently, but it’s hard to know when you’ve found one.

The house doesn’t want you to know what games are in your favor so they can make all the profit.

Hardcore Gamblers Don’t Take Bathroom Breaks

So… they just hold it for hours? No, not quite. They go where they are sitting so they don’t lose their seats.

That’s right, people who love to gamble will stay in the same seat for hours regardless of their needs. They will just relieve themselves as they are playing, leaving casino employees to clean up the mess.

If that makes you feel a little less inclined to sit for hours in a casino, you could head to an online casino for a bit of gameplay! You won’t have to worry about messes left by other people.

With ease, you can log into a computer and begin your search for an awesome online casino. Online gambling is huge now and might be more appealing than the overwhelming casino atmosphere.

Casinos are tons of fun, but it is good to know some tips and tricks to play the right way when you go!

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