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4 Cool Afterschool Programs to Sign Your Kid Up for in Toronto


There’s so much to do in Toronto that you almost don’t even know where to start. It doesn’t matter what age or background you have either – no matter what, you’re sure to find something interesting, as long as you know where to look.

Parents who are looking to sign their kids up for an afterschool program might find themselves scratching their heads. Maybe your children aren’t that into the usual stuff – sports, music, and art – and are looking for something a little different.

Here’s a list of five afterschool programs that are pretty cool and you should definitely check out!

1. Coding for Kids

Are your kids only interested in playing video games, to the point where when they’re not playing them they’re watching someone play them? You might be worried that it’ll be impossible to find an afterschool program that they will be interested in, but there is an answer.

Sign your kid up for coding classes in Toronto and have them learn how to code while making their own video game! Not only is it fun, but coding is also a useful skill to have that will help open up job opportunities for them later in life.

2. Spy Academy

You’ve read that correctly! A “spy school” has opened up in Toronto. It’s called The Double 'OO' International Super Spy School in the heart of Leslieville at Carlaw and Dundas. With the help of imagination and some theatrics, this afterschool program is designed to improve children’s self-confidence while developing their problem-solving skills and keeping them fit at the same time.

Kids are given missions that they have to complete – like stealing top-secret information from a locked box. They are taught about all sorts of subjects and then need to use everything they learned to complete the mission.

3. STEM Programs

If your kid is into science, then why not sign them up for one of Mad Science’s afterschool program? They’re all about designing science experiments specifically made for kids so that they can learn while having fun.

Hands-on activities allows for more engagement and the development of a solid foundation of science that goes beyond the classroom. They also cover other areas like math and engineering, so your children are sure to learn a whole range of things!

4. Join the Circus

Is your kid fascinated by the circus? Do they love to tumble and do need acrobatic tricks? The Toronto Circus Centre is run by former competitive gymnast and current stunt performer Jen Georgopoulos and is a place to get aspiring acrobats moving.

It’s a great way to let your children burn off some energy after school, and also an opportunity to make friends and form lasting relationships. They’ll also have the opportunity to perform and develop their confidence as they take to the stage.

So Many Options

With so many awesome things for kids to do in Toronto, which will you choose?

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