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How to Keep Your Growing Business on Track

Toronto has its fair share of small to medium sized business owners – people who got out there and decided that they wanted to be their own boss. In fact, Canada is no stranger to this idea with 99.7% of all businesses within the country being small to medium sized with less than 500 employees. This means that nine out of ten Canadians work in the private sector for retail stores, restaurants, construction and renovation companies, professional services, health care providers, and more.

If you’ve seen success with your small business then you know how easy it is to experience rapid growth but lack the resources and knowledge to keep up with it. This period of time is critical because you want to keep the momentum going and not lose out on any customers because you weren’t able to keep up with high demand for your products or services.

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Business Solutions for Every Challenge

Luckily, there are a number of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions out there that are designed specifically with small to medium sized businesses in mind. If you talk with Sage ERP consultants in Toronto they will recommend using Sage Business Cloud solutions like:

Small-Sized Business:

Sage Accounting – essentials of accounting and finances

Sage 50cloud Accounting – desktop software with cloud connection

Medium-Sized Business:

Sage Intacct – advanced financial management

Sage 300cloud – management for accounting, inventory, distribution, and more

Depending on your business needs, an ERP consultant will help you choose the right software that can help you successfully manage your business as it grows. For instance, if you are a medium sized business that has grown to the point where accounting has become a hassle, you would want to look into getting Sage Intacct, an accounting software solution that has been rated #1 for customer satisfaction by the G2 Crowd.

So, How Does it Work?

Enterprise resource planning software works by letting you manage a number of your business operations all through one central hub. ERP like Sage Intacct uses cloud computing to store all of your data in one place, allowing you to easily access information on the go. It also uses smart technology to automate a number of your business operations, as well as provide you with financial insights.

Instead of wasting time creating and going through spreadsheets, Sage Intacct will track your financials and automatically produce reports for you – leaving you to focus on your company. It also offers multi-dimensional data analysis within a flexible platform that can easily integrate with other cloud services.

With valuable insights into your company financials you’ll be able to easily and quickly adjust your operations in order to optimize its performance. Overall, you’ll be saving yourself valuable time and money that can be better used to improve your business operations.

Don’t Work Harder – Work Smarter

Become a more successful business owner in Toronto by using ERP solutions that help you work smarter, not harder. By automating tasks, providing clear insights, and giving you greater control of your operations, you’ll be able to adjust to your growing business and make sure that you are always at the top of your game.

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