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The Shirt in My Profile Picture is Now My Own

A little over five years ago, Roots Canada put me in a Father's Day ad campaign. They sent over a professional photographer and crew, and took a bunch of pictures of my 3rd born and me. For the shoot, they brought a Roots shirt for me to wear.

I just assumed they'd let me keep the shirt, but they took it with them. That's why my bio read "The shirt in my profile picture is not my own". I never did own that lovely button up shirt with geese on it.

I used one of the pictures from this shoot as my Twitter profile picture, and it remained there until yesterday. I was in my 30s when that picture was taken and now I'm closer to 50. I needed a new pic to reflect my age and current appearance.

Local professional photographer Lisa Macintosh to the rescue! She dropped by yesterday morning to take some pics. Lisa has photographed many Canadian musicians, from Tom Cochrane to Jim Cuddy to Gordon Lightfoot, but yesterday she slummed it by shooting a local podcaster.

The result is a new profile pic and, of course, a new bio. The shirt in my profile picture is my own. I bought it for four bucks at the Square One Zellers about 10 or so years ago.

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