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How to Have a Spa Day in Toronto

Sometimes you need more than a meditation app and a bubble bath to pamper yourself after a rough week. You need to get out of the house and into a spa. If you don’t know where to get pampered, here are some spots in the city that offer high-end treatments that you could never replicate in your bathroom at home.

Luxury Facials:

You should head down to the Elmwood Spa for one of their incredible facial treatments. They will be much more luxurious than any at-home face masks that you can get at the drug store. Try the Urban Detox Facial to counteract the harmful effects of pollution and stress. Or get the Virtual Surgery Facial as an anti-aging treatment so that your skin looks completely smooth and rejuvenated after the session is over.

Long-Lasting Hair Removal:

You wax, pluck, shave and thread your hair, and it keeps coming back. If you want to get rid of the stubborn hair for good, you should consider adding a consultation with the top laser hair removal experts in Toronto to your spa day schedule.

Laser hair treatment can tackle whatever body or facial hair that you want to eliminate. It can be removed from your chin, your underarms, your legs, your bikini line — almost anywhere on your body. After several sessions, users find that the problem area is smooth and hairless. And the best part is that the hair doesn’t come back. No more itchy stubble, no more nasty ingrowns and no more daily maintenance.

Blissful Massages:

If you’re feeling sore, you should go to the spa at the Four Seasons for one of their signature massage treatments. Their best-selling aromatherapy massage will have a specialist perform a light to medium pressure rub down with relaxing organic oil blends to dissipate the tension in your muscles.

They also offer an Elemental Massage, a Deep Tissue Massage, a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, a Bamboo Massage and a Couple’s massage for anyone who wants to turn their spa day into a romantic date.

A Beautiful Hair Cut:

If you feel like your tresses are in need of a good trim or that you need to shake it up with a new style, you should head over to the N15 Hair Salon for their expertise. If you’re dealing with bad split ends or bone-dry strands, you should consider getting one of their specialized treatments. The award-winning Japanese NP3.1 Extreme Damage Hair Treatment will nourish your devastated hair back to life.

Before you sit back in your chair and let the stylist snip away, grab a cup of hot Japanese tea or book a Shiatsu massage.

There are lots of places that you can visit to feel like royalty for an hour or two. Do you want to get your nails done? Go to Her Majesty’s Pleasure for an elegant manicure and a cocktail. Do you want to take a good soak? Go to Hammam Spa to enjoy the Turkish bath and steam room. Toronto has a lot of pampering to offer.

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