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Scenes From the Raptors Championship Parade

Once we wrapped up today's Hebsy on Sports, I put the episode online and jumped on my bike to head east along the waterfront trail. I didn't really have a plan, I just knew I wanted to be a part of today's Raptors Championship parade.

It became apparent at Lake Shore and Strachan that I wasn't going to be able to bike much further. The crowds lining Lake Shore by the Princes' Gates were already pretty deep. At this point, I found the aforementioned Hebsy and we made our way to a great spot and took in the action.


The weather was perfect, the fans joyous and plentiful, and our Raptors did not disappoint. I took in the parade and biked home to catch the rally on TV. As I type, the parade still hasn't reached Nathan Phillips Square. I'm pretty pleased with my decision to lock up at Strachan.

Here's a dump of pictures and video I took from my spot just east of Strachan. What a day!

Raptors Championship Parade
Raptors Championship Parade
Raptors Championship Parade
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