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About seven years ago, I started cycling again after a fifteen year pause. I was in my mid-to-late 30s and had never seen a wild deer in the city.

Once I started spending a lot of time on the Humber Trail, it wasn't long until I started seeing deer on a regular basis. I'd see them near the Old Mill, by the Oculus just north of the Humber Bay Bridge and just hanging around King's Mill Park.


I'd see one by its lonesome, a pair, even three at a time. Then, on May 5th, I found myself in Parklawn Cemetery at Bloor and Prince Edward Drive on a quiet afternoon where I saw four deer lazily grazing. I got pretty close and just watched them hanging out. It was pretty awesome.


Toronto's full of deer, but until I started biking the trails on a daily basis, I never had the pleasure of seeing them outside a zoo.

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