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Top Corporate Catering Companies in Toronto

There are all sorts of reasons to hire a caterer for a corporate event. From visiting clients to workshops to retirement parties, there are times when the best way to ensure everyone is comfortable and fed is to find an expert in corporate catering and tell them what you need. If your company is based in the GTA and has an event coming up in the next few months, now is the time to find the right catering service. Here are five recommendations for you to consider.

10tation Event Catering

Versatility is important when you're looking for the right service to handle corporate catering in Toronto. A caterer who can manage everything from setting up a breakfast buffet to taking care of a formal evening dinner means you never have to look for someone else to take care of any event involving food. That’s what you get with 10tation.

Known as one of the best options for corporate and office catering, 10tation knows how to plan, set up, and even serve any type of food you like. Perhaps you’re having employees from branch locations around the country come to corporate for a week-long training session. 10tation has what it takes to make sure there’s all sorts of great options set up for breakfast. While you hold the first set of classes that morning, they’ll set up beverages and finger foods for the mid-morning break. Lunch will appear as if by magic by the time the noon hour arrives.

It’s not just their ability to handle all sorts of business catering needs. They can help plan the menu based on the number of attendees, whether you prefer casual or formal, and even any known food preferences or allergies that some of the attendees may need to observe. It’s hard to think of any company that can offer this level of flexibility.

Give them a call and talk with them about your next event. Making a call to anyone else may be unnecessary.

Corporate Crazy Catering

Along with having a fun name, Corporate Crazy Catering prides itself on offering selections that are healthy as well as tasty. They have an option called the tailored menu program. Some aspects of the program focus on where you’ll hold the event and how many people will be present. Other aspects have to do with preparing entrees, side dishes, desserts, and beverages that provide a rich array of flavors while still being healthy choices. The genius of the tailored menu is that while it’s healthy, many of the selections will look almost decadent.

Here you have it all: flexibility with the menu planning, the option to take into consideration specific dietary needs and preferences, and a presentation that’s sure to impress. Whether the plan is to cater an event at a convention center or the office conference room, Corporate Crazy Catering has you covered.

The Food Dudes

The Food Dudes offer drop-off catering as well as services for high-end dinners and similar events. You decide how much or how little help you need with the setup and delivery. These corporate caterers in Toronto can easily prepare individual lunches for small groups that are already individually arranged in lunch sacks, or they can take on the execution of a formal sit-down dinner for groups over a hundred.

From hamburgers and fries to Lobster Newburg and grilled asparagus, they do it all. Arrange for simple office lunch catering for several days in a row to a one-time formal event. Whatever you have in mind, they can take care of things.

Select Sandwich Corporate Catering

Sandwiches and simple sides are great for casual office catering. Select Sandwich can create platters that are mouth-watering and easy to set up in a break room or the conference room. Beverages and desserts are included, along with plenty of side dishes for the sandwiches. They’re happy to drop off, or they can serve the food if you like. They definitely know how to make catering fun and easy.

Saucy Affairs Inc.

While Saucy Affairs can handle just about any type of catering, they excel when it comes to larger events. That includes catering lunches and dinners for workshops and training conferences. You supply the venue and they’ll take care of the rest. They can do fun menus that include wonderful Mexican food or build the menu around excellent barbeque. They can also prepare beautifully presented formal meals with all the trimmings. Its no wonder that they rank among the top in the Toronto corporate catering game.

There is no lack of quality when it comes to Toronto's corporate caterers. The trick is to find the one that’s best for your upcoming event. Call around and supply a few details. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the suggestions that the top corporate catering services provide.

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