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Essential tools every man should own

We talked to our friend Roger Ashby from 104.5 FM and he told us what his male listeners usually complain they don’t have the tools they need when doing handywork. There are a number of tools every man should own, especially if they feel that natural instinct to fix things. With these 8  tools, it is guaranteed that they will be able to fix from leaking faucets to assembling even the most complicated piece of furniture.

1- Adjustable wrench. It is a completely essential tool. As it adjusts to different bolts, you won’t have to buy a lot of different sizes, therefore wasting space and money. When choosing the perfect one for you, take into account its maximum jaw capacity and the materials with which it was built for extended durability.

2- Chalk line. It may seem to be a bit boring when compared to the manly ax, for example, but chalk lines are very useful. It’s almost impossible to draw a completely straight line on one’s own, and that’s how this device comes in handy. It’s particularly practical for carpenters.

3- An ax. Admit it, every man out there has thought about owning and using an ax as one of the manliest activities using a tool. Of course, it is not as versatile as other types of devices, as its main aim is to chop wood, but if you have a fireplace at home, you’ll realize that you are going to need it very often. Just dedicate a little portion of your backyard to this activity, and you won’t have to spend that much in heating. Before doing this, make sure you know how to use this tool properly or you may end up hurting yourself!

4- Hacksaw. This will depend on your needs and requirements, but if you are working with metal, then a hacksaw is essential. Also, you can work with plastic using this tool, so if you are into plumbing, consider acquiring one for your toolbox. They are not cheap, but they are worth the investment.

5- Hammer. No toolbox is complete without a hammer, one of the most traditional and functional tools of the list. Did you know it is one of the oldest ones in the world? Luckily, hammers have evolved from simple pieces of rock to very sophisticated ones, made up of top-notch materials. A simple claw device is the one that any man requires, but there are many other models that vary in size, materials and shape. One of them is the soft-faced hammer, useful to strike things that would otherwise be destroyed by a steel hammer.

6- Jigsaw. Another classic, if you are thinking about cutting shapes into wood, plastic, and even stone, then a jigsaw is a must-have. The only thing you have to make sure is that you have the correct blade for each material. If not, you run the risk of ruining both the machine and the materials you are trying to work with.

7- Electric drill. This drill is an essential tool for any handy work that has evolved and now offers more functions, like screwing and engraving.

8- Screwdriver. It’s impossible to have a complete kit without a multi-bit screwdriver. It’s very expensive to buy every type of screwdriver out there, so this multi-bit device is your best option if you want to save some money. You’ll be able to work even with the most difficult screws with this tool.

Now that you know the tools that you need, start looking out there for options. There are hundreds of manufacturers, shapes, sizes, materials, and pricing. Choose wisely and you’ll end up with a very complete toolkit to fix almost anything!

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