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What Type of Lead is Best For My Dog

According to CAHI, there was an estimated 8.3 million cats and 8.2 million dogs in 2018, in Canada.

Leads help to keep your dog safe and under control when in public. There are many different lengths, widths, styles, and types of dog leads. Some leads are better for specific dog breeds, whilst other leads might be better for dogs who have different temperaments.

Check out the different types of leads that you can get for your dog:

Standard Lead

A standard dog lead is the most common type of lead and is great for everyday use and training purposes.

Often these leads are made of Nylon or leather, which ensure that you have a durable lead. The materials are great for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Standard dog leads are between 4 and 8 feet in length. These leads are ideal for dogs who want some freedom and also for owners who want to have complete control if necessary.

Chain Lead

If your dog tends to chew and destroy his/her lead, then the chain lead is an ideal replacement of the standard lead.

The metal chain will make sure that your dog can’t chew the lead and run away from you. Chain leads are available in different thickness and weight options, so you can choose a chain that is suitable for the size of your dog.


Many dogs and owners prefer the harness to a traditional lead, because they offer more control over your dog and more comfort for your dog.

You can get no-pull harnesses, which are great for big dogs that tend to pull on the lead. You can also get back clip harnesses which are ideal for well-trained dogs. Whilst the front clip harness is ideal for dogs who tend to jump or pull.

If you are travelling in a vehicle with your dog, it is very important that you secure them in your car. A great way you can do this is by a car harness, which can be attached to a seatbelt and help keep your dog in one place. (Source:

Adjustable Lead

Adjustable leads ensure that you have full control over your dog, because you can adjust the lead for different situations.

For example, you might want a shorter lead when you are training your dog. Whereas you might want to give your dog a longer lead length when you go for a walk.

These leads can typically be adjusted from between 3 and 6 foot, and this can easily be done by adding or removing a loop or clip on the lead.

Retractable Lead

A retractable lead is popular among pet owners because the lead’s length can automatically be adjusted by pressing a button.

They work similar to a tape measure, with a nylon cord that has a length of anywhere between 4 and 30 feet. If you want your dog to stop, you can simply use the locking mechanism on the handle.

The retractable lead is ideal for dogs who want to have more freedom to go ahead, whilst not compromising the owner’s control over the dog.

It should be noted that untrained dogs might not learn how to walk well with this lead because it allows them to pull and not learn new behaviour correctly. These leads are best for dogs who are already trained and walk well on the lead.

Select the Right Type of Dog Lead

Four-legged friends can be part of the family too, which is why you need to look after your dog and make sure they are safe.

Keep your pooch safe, by finding the right dog lead for your dog. Remember you need to make sure your lead is the right length and type for your dog’s needs.

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