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Changes to Auto Insurance in Ontario 2019

You’ve heard that proposed changes to auto insurance benefits and procedures are on the table. That’s true. While discussions have been underway for some time, April of this year saw definite proposals for moving in a direction designed to protect the interests of drivers. Some of them will impact the way your personal injury lawyer Pickering would seek damages for you in the event of an accident. Here are a few basics you should know about the proposed changes.

Restoring What Was Taken Away

You may remember that prior to 2016, personal injury lawyers could seek benefits in catastrophic cases up to $2 million.

During that year, the figure was reduced to $1 million. As any Pickering personal injury lawyer is likely to confirm, someone with a spinal cord injury or some similar injury that would require making changes to the home and having ongoing home health care could go through $1 million in a few years. For this reason, many lawyers are applauding the return to the former $2 million figure.

A Fresh Look at Contingency Fees

Many Pickering personal injury lawyers are also in favor of the proposed changes to the regulations that govern contingency fees. As is true with the other elements of the proposal, the goal is to reduce financial hardship on injured parties while still assuring that injury lawyers receive reasonable compensation for their services. Recovering from or living with a permanent personal injury is difficult enough without having to worry about future financial needs.

No More Postal Code Discrimination

One of the challenges that a car accident lawyer faces is dealing with what’s sometimes called postal code discrimination. Essentially, this refers to the practice of insurance providers basing premiums on what they perceive to be higher risk clients. Where they live as well as the route they take to and from work could mean higher premiums if they live or routinely drive through certain postal codes.

Along with higher premiums, this can also have some impact on how a lawyer would go about managing an injury law case. Reform on this front would help the automobile owner in terms of paying lower premiums, and also simplify matters for the legal counsel and the client in the event of an injury from an auto accident.

Promoting More Competition Amongst Insurance Providers

Another aim of the changes is to promote more competition between insurance providers. The goal is to ensure clients have access to reasonable amounts of coverage while still saving money on the cost. Increased competition means the insurance company works harder to earn the business of automobile owners and may offer rates that match or are even better than the next company. As part of the deal, the provider can point to streamlines processes for submitting injury claims online, providing online confirmation of coverage, and in general using technology to support the customer to a greater degree.

The Changes and Your Personal Injury Law Case

The basic litigation process that applies to personal injury cases remains the same. If these reforms do have some impact on your injury litigation, rest assured that your personal injury lawyer will ensure you understand your rights and obligations as they stand currently. That includes the potential to secure more benefits depending on the severity of your injury.

While you may have an auto accident without any apparent injury, always seek medical attention soon after. Some injuries will not begin to manifest until later. If you do need to file an insurance claim, the medical report will come in handy.

It will also be essential if you are among those with accident injuries and you need an injury lawyer’s services to pursue the most equitable settlement or judgment.

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