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Lottoland - What You Need To Know

Canadians love the lottery. In fact, the first nationwide Canadian Lottery game (Lotto) was created in 1982. According to recent studies, 58% of adults in Canada play the lottery at least once per week. The majority of these players are well educated, established people who are over 35 years old. Though the lottery is a game of chance, the thrill of the games and the possibility of big winnings make it a chance worth taking.


David Rosen took great interest in the lottery. He could see that people were changing as the world around them evolved. In 2013, most adults had made the leap to computerize their world. It started small with email and easy to use programs. But, as Rosen predicted soon everyone would be online. Companies changed the way they did business. People began to enjoy the speed and accuracy of computer programs (thank you Windows) and utilized it in every aspect of their lives.

This is what prompted David Rosen to develop Lottoland. Lottoland is the first international lottery betting forum in the nation. Playing Lottoland gives you a chance to bet on a huge range of international lotteries. You bet on the outcome of the official draw. The exact same prizes are up for grabs. You have the exact same experience with Lottoland as you would have with the lottery game in these specific locations. The only difference is you are betting with Lottoland. You can go to one place and be a global player. Your winnings are paid out by Lottoland. It is streamlined with proven and professional methods of betting and paying out in the industry. Your winnings are available for you to withdraw at any time.

Is it for real? Is it safe?

Yes, Lottoland is for real. Lottoland keeps a close watch on client reviews. They do everything in their power to make the experience with their company outstanding. Their online reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Every gambling site has rules and regulations These are necessary to comply with the law. The regulations are in place to keep the customers safe and the integrity of the site outstanding. Lottoland is licensed and insured, and all the details are easy to find on their website. If you have any questions, the friendly customer service agents will help you via email or chat.

Well, I Saw A Negative Review!

Yes, there are always going to be a few people who grumble. This is to be expected anytime you offer a new concept or when someone doesn’t win. Lottoland is the first site of its kind. Generally, an unhappy client did not thoroughly read the information provided on the site. Then when something doesn’t happen the way they assumed it would happen, they get upset.

Here is one example: A customer sets up his account and begins playing right away. While the website is set up so that he can do that, the site explains that there are a variety of steps that will begin so that Lotteryland can confirm the identity and age of the person playing. This is not only the legal thing to do it is the ethical thing to do. A customer would be very upset if his child got his information and began gambling in his name. Sometimes the client has winnings before the confirmation is complete, and they will hold the winnings until they have completed the set-up. Sometimes it is the underaged kid who used his dad's information that is now ticked off because he is busted.

Do they really pay?

You will not be in business very long in the lottery world if you don’t pay out. Lottoland currently serves more than 6-million players. They have paid out billions of pounds. In fact, Lottoland recently paid a winner $137 million CAD. You can see a list of winners by clicking on this link.

Lottoland is a unique and exciting way for adults to have fun. Nowhere else can you play games of chance all over the world from the comfort of your own home. You can breathe easy knowing you are using a legal and ethical site that is dedicated to the security and safety of its clients. Once you try your luck with Lottoland, you will return. Lottoland takes your passion for the game to the next level.

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