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Howard Stern and Brian Linehan

I can now honestly say I've interviewed hundreds of people. I have no formal training or education under my belt, just a natural curiosity and interest in extracting compelling stories.

Throughout my life, two interviewers in particular have helped shape my style. In my younger years, I was always impressed by Brian Linehan's research. City Lights would air on Citytv and you could tell Brian had done his homework. I find nothing more frustrating than a longform interview by someone who clearly wasn't prepared for their subject. I decided if I was going to conduct longform interviews, I'd always be prepared.

In 1997, I watched Private Parts, and discovered Howard Stern. I was taken by how Howard was able to withdraw real talk by making guests comfortable. I've been modelling my personal interview style on a blend of Linehan, Stern and instinct.

Toronto Mike'd listener Steve M. discovered this footage of Brian Linehan interviewing Howard Stern and correctly suspected I'd dig it.

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