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Who Are Adult Gamers? What We Know About Them…

There seems to be a bit of a stigma when it comes to gaming as an adult. There’s this idea that the only grown-ups who play live in their parents basement and are sensitive to the light. That couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s quite clear the times are changing.

The gaming industry is worth billions today, and that’s largely due to adults playing and paying. That has seen a shift in focus towards the adult market, after all the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Call Of Duty are among the best selling games of all time.

Genres are expanding, to the point where even adult entertainment is proving a phenomenon in the gaming industry. The likes of MrPornGeek are welcoming more and more gamers than ever before, joining the likes of console games and online casinos as major draws for adults.

That’s only going to continue as technology improves, enabling us to game via console, computers, televisions, with even our cellphones offering high-quality, graphically advanced games.

But who are adult gamers?

Statistics have shown that males are more likely to play video games, and while the majority are younger, over 50% of adults do play, and ultimately they’re the ones with the money.

Interestingly, puzzle and strategy games are the most popular among adults, with 62% of adult games playing both. And that’s capitalised on in the market, particularly on cellphone devices.

The App Store and Google Play has a huge number of games in their range, ideal for commuting, when many adults spend time on their phone.

Targeting that market continues to expand the number of adult games, with apps such as Flappy Bird, Candy Crush and Helix Jump being among the most downloaded games on Android. That’s because it appeals to the modern gamer.

Adults today want a break from the real world in the short bursts of free time while on the go. With puzzle games you don’t have to invest time working through levels and can pause and save progress as you please.

Of course, that’s just one side of adult gaming, with another side also moving into worldwide phenomenon - esports.

The likes of FIFA and Madden, as well as a number of racing games, see mega sales with every release, with younger adults even forging careers by streaming their play.

That’s progressed into arena-size events, with world famous athletes turning up to enjoy the show.

What that’s doing is moving adult gaming away from the reputation that it’s for loners and is looked down upon, to a fully acceptable industry that is well and truly embraced.

Who are adult gamers? Well, they’re just regular guys and girls, just like you and me.

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