Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 431: Caroline Szwed

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 431In this 431st episode, Mike chats with Sportsnet's Caroline Szwed about her soccer career, hosting Plays of the Month, Misplays of the Month and Aftermath, and Cash. This episode is exactly 1:53:56.

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Caroline Szwed and me

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Caroline's amazing. She's humble, down to earth, doesn't have this ego aura about her, and yes, I will say it, is absolutely stunningly beautiful.

I infinitely prefer her to her predecessor. Keep up the great work Caroline!

February 8, 2019 @ 3:19 PM


100% agree Pete. Drop dead gorgeous. I love the plays of the month countdown but look forward to the breaks when Caroline appears.

February 8, 2019 @ 6:24 PM



February 8, 2019 @ 8:06 PM


So is about the shows she hosts or because she is an attractive young female??? Do the Sports networks hire Male hosts because they are good looking??Its all so phony.

February 8, 2019 @ 9:06 PM


Four points to make about this episode:

#1. My mother's familial background was that of a Polish Jew on both sides,
while my father's heritage was Russian-Ukrainian Jewish. I've always found it
funny, if not somewhat understandable, that in the recent past both the
Polish and Ukrainian festivals were often held on the same weekend, and
really not all that far apart from one another, geographically speaking, that is.
In fact I remember hitting them both on the same day once in hungry pursuit of
some delicious Pierogis Verenekes, and Paczki (jam/jelly donuts).

#2. Mike, have you ever considered officially endorsing a Toronto Mike'd drinking
game? For instance, every time that you mention Food City/Price Chopper/Galleria
Mall, the listener reaches for the nearest accessible beverage and takes a leisurely
chug or two? Mind you, not as fun, revealing, or as nearly provocative as that
unofficial drinking game surrounding "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" back in the late
nineties, in which thirsty audience members downed a hardy shot every time Buffy
Summer's bra straps were exposed (a whole hell of a lot, as far as my ever-trusty
'PERVAGRAPHIC' memory can recall!). P.S., I loved the Food City location at
Bathurst and Steeles as a kid cause it had those rad electric hobby horses out
front, unlike that staid, old Steinbergs/Miracle Mart outlet closer to my childhood
home near Bathurst and Patricia.

#3. I refuse to live in a world (or at the very least, my younger and much thinner
version does) in which such throwback WWF(!) heroes such as Koko B. Ware (who also
had a great set of pipes. please see "Piledriver" from 1987 for irrefutable proof on
that front), are merely referred to as Sports Entertainment Personalities and not the
fantastic, genuine athletes they so clearly were/still are. Oh Kayfabe, up yours!!!

#4. Great Jam pick from Caroline! I fondly remember that killer track from
my childhood, and the singer from that particular group, Chris Norman (very
Rod Stewart-esque, n'est-ce pas?!?), also scored a much bigger North American
hit a couple of years later ('78/'79) alongside Ms. Leather Tuscadero herself, Suzi
Quatro. Both tracks originated, of course, from that most fantabulous 1970s U.K.
songwriting tandem of Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman.

February 9, 2019 @ 2:06 PM

Urooj Islam

Every time I hear about someone hosting Aftermath, I think of Renee Paquette's incredible journey. She went from talking about WWE on a third rate Canadian sports channel to actually being hired by the WWE, becoming their first female full-time commentator and even marrying a wrestler just for the hell of it.

I wonder if any of the hosts that followed her like Jackie Redmond or now Caroline have similar aspirations.

February 11, 2019 @ 12:55 PM

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