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MBA admission, Is GMAT or GPA important?

MBA is like a metamorphosis which changes its candidates into budding managers. When the transformation is complete, the manager becomes a head of all operations taking place in an office or institution. So the candidates must face all the challenges which test their ability in becoming successful managers. After all, companies need people who can take care of everything under the sun in their offices.

Here’s a story. There were two students enrolled in the MBA course. One of them was happy go lucky and popular with everyone with a competent GMAT score. The other one was studious, an academic topper, with first class throughout graduation. However, after graduation,  the first one was immediately offered a highly paid job in a prestigious company. The latter kept waiting for an opportunity even though he secured honors in MBA too.

Top B schools do not want a denial of placement for their students. So even if the GPA of the second student was great, the GMAT of the first student worked out. So which is more important according to B school, GMAT or GPA?

The GPA versus GMAT Dilemma

GMAT is a multifold exam that tests your reasoning, Math, Statistics and English proficiency, decision-making skills etc., which makes it very important. However, GPA is also equally important for your undergraduate qualities and career. The top B schools (like Stanford and Harvard) require GPA score more than 3.5 to 4.7 on average as well as a GMAT more than 700.

These two scores are considered most important in MBA schools. Once you have these scores under your belt, the ticket for a top B school admission is fixed. These are standard measures for preparing future managers into perfect versions of themselves as far as possible.

However, one score can be less, and the other could be more. GPA is a longer process, which is already in the past and cannot be changed. But you can boost your GMAT score to catch up and stand in the face of stiff competition. GPA shows your undergraduate performance, whether it grew steadily upward, downward or remained unchanged.

Undergraduate courses teach you many things like extracurricular activities, leadership behavior, conversational talent, etc. You might have participated in debates, competitions, games, acts or dance competitions and might have won outright. These things are added qualifications or ‘soft skills’. The GPA score is an assessment of these soft skills.

What if my GPA Score is Low?

The MBA program is hard work, and you will have to face the challenges of a diverse syllabus. Since almost all applicants have shining academic careers, you should also aspire to score more for admission in your favorite school. Applications to management schools do rely on GPA and GMAT, although not entirely.

If fortune did not favor you with the GPA score as required, you can concentrate on GMAT and push through the ceiling. The best thing about GMAT is that you can retake the examination to get your expected score. If you have experience in any company holding either operational or decision making position, your chances of being welcomed by B school In Canada/USA increase substantially. Therefore, this MBA program for Canadian professionals is an easier solution towards your goal.

But to make this work, you will have to check the required GPA score for your targeted B school. If your GPA is below the standard level, then a high GMAT score or work experience can help you to square up the shortage. Additionally, if you are sponsored by your company in which you are working, it can make a dramatic difference. Professionals are experienced enough to handle managerial challenges and an executive MBA program especially needs such professionals. Moreover, you can also increase your certificate portfolio by taking suitable short-term courses.

While you are all set to face GMAT with a low GPA, make sure that you polish your writing, convincing ability, and good communication skills. You need to explain to the admission officials why you are worth the trouble without a good GPA score in the essays. It is not impossible for your case to be looked upon favorably if you put an effort in.

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