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10 Top Things To Do In Toronto

Toronto is one of the best cities you can visit in North America. This Canadian city has evolved into a tourism hotspot in the 21st century. There are many things you can do in Toronto. While the city is well-known for its cultural tourism and beautiful lake, there is also a fascinating food culture. Let us explore some of the things you can do in Toronto.

1. Shop at the St. Lawrence Market

This famous market in Toronto has been around for centuries. It is a well-known market place for shoppers who come to get the best food and other items. The market is a popular destination, visited both by local tourists as well as international tourists. The great thing about the market is that it has a wide range of products at competitive prices.

2. Sightseeing at Harbourfront Centre

Another interesting place you should visit while in Toronto is the Harbourfront Centre. This old shipping terminal is the perfect place to be if you love relaxing and enjoying a peaceful atmosphere. The area is packed with a number of eateries, small parks, and great lake views. An excursion at this site will prove to be inspirational.

3. Explore the vibrant casinos

Toronto is also known for its popular casinos. Visitors from around the world come to this city to experience the fun and excitement that comes with casinos in Toronto. Canadian online casinos are also a huge part of the daily life of Toronto. Not only is there a variety of slot machines, but the city is also moving with technology.

4. Visit the Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is probably the premier location to go if you love to see wild animals. Set in over 700 acres of land, this Zoo is a fantastic place to spend the day. The zoo is open every day for at least eight hours and during this time, visitors can expect to have an interactive wildlife experience. The zoo also has affordable access charges.

5. Casa Loma

Another popular spot you cannot miss in Toronto is Casa Loma. Built in the early 20th century, the magnificent castle at this location is home to great history. Whether you are a fan of museums of you just want to take the family for a fantastic weekend tour, Casa Loma will be a good option. Stables, secret passageways, and towers define this castle.

6. The CN Tower

There is nothing that typifies the Toronto skyline than the CN Tower. This tall tower can be seen in many pamphlets and publications promoting Canada as a tourism destination. The CN Tower has elevators that take visitors to the top in under a minute. The views from the various observation points in the tower will stick to the mind for a long time.

7. Royal Ontario Museum

There is no trip to any popular city around the world that is complete without a visit to a museum. For all the history buffs, the Royal Ontario Museum is the ideal destination in Toronto. This museum not only keeps the history of the city but also for the rest of Canada. The museum has a fantastic atmosphere and it is great for family visits.

8. Toronto Botanical Gardens

Nature visits in Toronto are also extremely rewarding. One of the best places you can be in the city is the Toronto Botanical Gardens. The beauty of the gardens will leave your mind at peace. The amazing flowers, nature camps, and the summertime markets are all great attractions that pull visitors to the gardens all year round.

9. Toronto Food Tours

Trips become iconic because of the food that characterizes them. Toronto is a fantastic destination for food lovers. There are dedicated food tours in the city which you can take to explore the rich and diverse cuisine. Neighborhoods like Greektown, Little Italy and Koreatown will introduce you to amazing exotic flavors that you have never experienced before.

10. Hockey Hall of Fame

For the sports fan, the best place to visit in Toronto is unquestionably the Hockey Hall of Fame. Hockey might not be the official sport of Canada but it has a following like no other sport in the country. The Hockey Hall of Fame will amaze you with the rich and excellent information and history about the sport both in Canada and the world.

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