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When Dean Blundell Attacks

I was at Mamma Martino's with my oldest son for a rare man-date pizza when my brother texted me. He thought I should know that Dean Blundell had written about me on his blog and Twitter.

Some Guy Did A Podcast About Why I Won’t Do His Podcast And Played Our Whole Podcast Which Is Now His Biggest Podcast And It’s Hilarious.— Dean Blundell (@ItsDeanBlundell) December 22, 2018

"Now his biggest podcast " is hilarious, as it's barely top 10 for December, but why let the facts ruin a snappy headline. Let's take a step back and discuss this podcast Dean Blundell's referring to, because if you only followed episodes here or on Twitter, you likely missed this one. That was by design.

I recorded it Thursday, didn't give it a number, didn't do any sponsor mentions, and didn't promote it at all. There was no tweet from me about it, I didn't write an entry here, I didn't Instagram it, or Facebook it or share it on LinkedIn. I just recorded the episode and added it to the Toronto Mike'd feed. That means subscribers had it pushed to them Thursday morning. I considered it a subscriber-only episode.

In this episode I'll refer to as #412.5, I simply responded to the steaming pile of bullshit Dean Blundell spewed about me on his podcast. The lies were so thick and plentiful, I felt I had to defend myself. If you're not a subscriber, and you should be, that episode is here:

I think that episode says it all. I find it bizarre that Dean Blundell is doubling down on the lies and posting our private email exchanges. I'm not sure what that's supposed to prove. I own up to everything and explain all in #412.5.

The pizza was great, by the way, and now James and I are going to watch our Leafs and Raps. I'm not the least bit interested in a cyber battle with Dean Blundell. When you mud wrestle with a pig, you both get dirty, but the pig likes it.

You might want to listen to this ep while you can, because it could disappear at any moment. I'm only acknowledging it here because there was this discussion earlier today and now Dean Blundell has decided to further twist the truth to fit his narrative.

Peace and love,

P.S. Dean Blundell admitted he doesn't know me and then wrote "Mike wants to be in radio". I haven't wanted to be in radio since I was 10 years old listening to Tom Rivers on CFTR. I have absolutely no desire to be in radio, but if I'm going to correct Dean everytime he makes something up about me and presents it as fact, this will never end. And I'd like it to end.

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