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What is a No Deposit Bonus and Why Are They So Great?

The casino industry is at one of the most competitive levels it has ever been, with new online casinos popping up on a near monthly basis. As a result, casinos are all competing against one another intently to attract customers to their sites via various methods. This may involve attempting to get exclusive games, implementing new and exciting ways to bet or offer some impressive promotions and prizes.

Without a doubt though, the latter of these three techniques is the most commonly found at online casinos. However, these promotions come in all different sizes, whether that be bonus cash, free spins, or some sort of free bet. The only problem is that most of them require some investment on your part to benefit. That is unless you find a new online casino no deposit bonus offer.

What is a no deposit bonus?

If you haven’t heard of a no deposit bonus before then you have been missing out as they are one of the best offers any avid casino player can hope to get their hands on. As the name suggests, they are some form of casino bonus that you can claim without the need to make a deposit. This means they do not require you to put any funds into your account before you are eligible to claim them. All you have to do is sign up at the casino by registering a few details and then you can play straight away. They can come in all shapes in sizes, however, most commonly, they will come in the form of free spins. But you can also quite often find bonus cash amounts or free bets that the casino (such as Gamblizard) will simply give you for signing up. Then, if you are satisfied, you can commit to that site as your new casino and start playing with real account funds.

But why are no deposit bonuses so great?

Well, it is pretty black and white, but essentially, it gives you the opportunity to claim something with no investment on your part. This is beneficial for you in multiple ways. The first way this is positive for you is because even before you have played your first game on your new online casino, you will be on the up. As such, they are giving you a head start on your accumulating of account funds. Therefore, if you strike big when playing with a no deposit bonus, all that money can already be considered profit, which is, of course, what playing at online casinos is all about.

Winnings aside for a moment though, there is also a more practical reason as to why these are helpful for you, which is they really help you make the right call on choosing a casino before you throw away any money on a poor service. There is nothing worse than signing up at an online casino, only to find you were sold a dream by a clever marketing campaign.

With no deposit bonuses, this can be avoided as while making use of the no deposit bonus, it will allow you the opportunity to explore the site and see what it has on offer. You can find out what other bonuses are on offer to you later down the line if you do choose to deposit, how comprehensive their games selection is and what other things they have on offer, in terms of customer support or banking. Having a no deposit bonus is a generous thing for a casino to do, so it is clear you are in the right hands already, but it allows you to delve a bit deeper and really find out if this casino is right for you.

Is there any catch?

Although no deposit bonuses do essentially give you something for nothing and allow you to benefit from what we have explained above. You may need to be wary of wagering requirements that some no deposit bonuses have in place. They are simply a way of insurance for the casino and will require you to wager any winnings a set amount of times before you can withdraw the cash. However, this said, not all deals have this and so if you find a no deposit and no wager deal on the market then snap it up as quick as possible as it essentially means there is no strings attached whatsoever.

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