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Customer Communications via Podcast

A securities firm in Toronto's financial district uses TMDS to handle the A-Z of their client-only podcast. Their clients love the valuable information they learn from these episodes, and the firm only needs to provide the content. I handle the rest.

That means once a month I tear down my recording studio, take it on the road and set it up  in their boardroom for a morning of recording. We record three episodes and then I head home to edit the files. The feedback from their investment clients has been extremely positive. It's a value-add asset exclusively for their clientele on a variety of topics from cannabis to cryptocurrency.

If you're responsible for client communication, we should talk. This proven model disseminates key information with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business. If you know what data you wish to share, I handle the rest. It's time you had a podcast for customers.

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