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Why It Is Important to Have an Amazing Eye Makeup and How to achieve it

You want to have an appealing look then you cannot ignore the importance of eye makeup. This is one thing that can grab the attention of others and make you feel confident. Despite saying this, one cannot deny that applying makeup on the eyes is a Herculean task. You need to be patient, calm and have an understanding of what you are doing. Furthermore, you also need to know which eyeshadow and what type of eyeliner will suit your eyes.

This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to take help from professional makeup artists. These experts know the tricks to make your eyes not only sultry but also elegant. Fabulive is one such live streaming platform where you can find countless eye makeup videos of eye makeup experts, who are ready to share their skills with you and help you in enhancing your looks effortlessly.

Let’s take a walk through the write-up and learn more about eye makeup and how to achieve fantastic eye makeup with the help of Fabulive.

Why give importance to eye makeup?

Your eyes are a crowd puller, and no dress can look good if you do not have beautiful eye makeup to complement it. Here some of the benefits of proper eye makeup have been highlighted:

Boosts up your confidence

Complements your overall looks

Allow you to experiment with your looks

Gives you a dramatic look

Helps in taking care of the eyes

How to do a good eye makeup?

Many women struggle in doing good eye makeup. Most of you don't even know about the different types of eye makeup and also if you know the name you do not know how to do it. One of the major reasons behind this is not that you do not understand its importance, but the fact that the technique in applying makeup on the eyes requires professional skills. Interestingly, here some of the ways have been discussed that will help you in applying perfect eye makeup at home. Please scroll down to learn more about it, but before that, you must know what products are needed for perfect eye makeup.

Eye makeup products that you must keep in your kit

Not all are born with a perfect pair of eyes, but if you have proper makeup expertise, then definitely you can make your eyes look appealing. For this, you need a variety of eye makeup products, such as eyeliner, eye pencil, eyeshadow, eye primer, eyebrow pencils, Kohl, mascara, false eyelashes, eye makeup brushes, eye curler, smudge-proof eyebrow powder, etc. These are some of the most crucial eye makeup products that you need to keep in your eye makeup kit.

Once you have all these products in your eye makeup pouch, then it is time to learn how to apply all these things:

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Step 1: Clean your eyes

You need to understand that your eyes must be clean before you start applying makeup on it. This means that first, you must wash your face and gently massage the cleanser in the area around your eyes. You must remember that doing it harshly can damage your eyes or tear duct, which must be avoided. You may also look for the tutorials on Fabulive that teach you how to apply exfoliating eye creams.

Step 2: Dry your eyes

When you wipe off the water from your face, do not rub the towel on it. Just put a clean hand towel on your face and let it soak the extra water below and above your eyes.

Step 3: Moisturize your skin around your eyes

Keeping the areas around your eyes moisturized is very important, and that is why it is good to apply eye cream below your eyes. These are extra mild and formulated without fragrance, which can irritate your sensitive skin below the eyes. You can buy the eye creams from Fabulive makeup store, which will also give you a tightening effect and will make your eyes look less puffy.

Step 4: Create a base

Just as you create a base before applying makeup on your face similarly, you must also have a flat base to do eye makeup. Buy a high-quality eye primer from Fabulive makeup store that gives you a flat base and conceals the dark circles and other blemishes flawlessly. A good primer also ensures that your eyeshadow remains for long hours and doesn’t get vanished with rain, sweat, or any other oil slicks produced by your skin. You may also use concealer if your dark circles are not getting concealed with an eye primer. However, make sure you apply concealer before primer.

Step 5: Apply translucent smudge proof powder

Now take a translucent smudge proof powder and the eyeshadow brush. Now, pat the extra powder and apply the rest above and below the eyes. This will ensure that your mascara, eyeliner or even kohl remain in the right place without getting smudged.

Step 6: Use eyeshadow

The next step is to apply eyeshadow, now before you do it make sure you choose the right shade. For this, you may take a look at the Fabulive makeup tutorial on selecting the eyeshadow shade. You can get a variety of eyeshadow options and even beautiful eyeshadow palette on Fabulive makeup store. Make sure you choose the right brush. You may use a larger brush for a lighter layer of eyeshadow on your lids and use a smaller brush for thick and darker layer of main eyeshadow color.

Step 7: Using Eyeliner

Pick any eyeliner (liquid or pencil), which you are comfortable using. However, if you want to get a softer look, then the pencil eyeliner is a better option, and for winged one, you must go with liquid eyeliner. To have smokey eyes, go with liquid eyeliner, and you can check the smokey eye makeup video on Fabulive. You must start with the inside and move to the outer edge of the eyes. It is essential to stay close to the lash lines and fill in the gaps between the upper and lower lash line.

Step 8: Use Eyelash curler and mascara

Once you are through with eyeliner work, then use the eyelash curler and give a dramatic look to your eyes. Now, take the mascara and apply it in a sweeping motion upward. Use one coat if you are doing natural eye makeup, but make sure you do not clump the eyelashes when applying mascara. If you want, you may use false eyelashes as it can stay longer and can give your eyes a fuller and more extended look.


If you want to have a ravishing look, then make sure you give importance to eye makeup. This will make you look gorgeous, and you will feel more confident. There are many more things that you need to know while doing eye makeup and so it is better to check out Fabulive. Here you will also learn how to do the eyebrow makeup and different styles of eye makeup, such as cat-eye makeup, natural eye makeup, etc.

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