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The Biggest Developments in Gaming Apps in 2018

Mobile games are responsible for more than 50% of global gaming revenue. Gaming apps are expected to rake in $137.9 billion in revenue in 2018 according to a Newzoo report on the state of the industry. However, although the industry is incredibly lucrative, it also means that there is increased competition for developers. A better way to break out, though, is to stay up to date on the latest mobile gaming trends.

Battle Royale Games Are Making Bank

2017 was the year of the battle royale game as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds made waves after launching in early access and Fortnite Battle Royale jumped on the trend (and then promptly took over) with its Pixar-styled multiplayer shooting. In 2018, the battle royale trend has come to mobile devices as players yearn to play these games on the go. In addition to the official mobile version of PUBG and Fortnite, we've also got competitors such as Battlelands Royale, and the Minecraft-styled game Guns Royale.

iGaming Apps Are Bigger (and Better) Than Ever

iGaming apps, meanwhile, have been focused on making their existing experiences a whole lot better. We've seen iGaming platforms emerge, providing players with access to hundreds or even thousands of mobile gambling titles including the latest slots. Similarly, the Lottoland mobile app provides a huge amount of choice in allowing people to play international lotteries online. Users can choose from the US Powerball as well as the lotteries that are being drawn across the pond such as the Euro Millions and Euro Jackpot competitions. Some iGaming apps have also begun to expand into new gaming experiences including live dealers that deal cards and spin roulette wheels in front of players instead of the computer being in charge.

AR Games Aren't Just a Passing Fad

Niantic's Pokemon GO has gone from strength to strength since launching in the summer of 2016. The game has now made $1.8 billion in revenue worldwide since launch and that's thanks to the ingenious use of AR (augmented reality) technology. The game uses camera tech to make it look as though Pokemon really are jumping up and down in the real world. And this tech isn't just a passing fad, either. Niantic itself plans to make major developments in AR including making its games look more realistic, collaborative AR puzzle solving and cross-platform multiplayer titles. The tech is a work in progress but Pokemon GO got players interested in it and now it's time to build on that.

The mobile gaming industry is absolutely huge. With so much money at stake and with so many developers and publishers pushing the medium forward, it stands to reason that next year's mobile gaming trends will look a whole lot different thanks to that investment. In fact, we're already seeing some trends emerge, such as cross-platform play (featured in Fortnite Battle Royale) as well as console-level graphics and experiences. It's too soon to know all of the trends for sure, but it's clear that this is an industry to watch.

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