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Here Are the Best Places to Find Roulette in Toronto

In and around Toronto there are plenty of casinos where you can find a fantastic collection of slots, poker rooms and even big blackjack games taking place. However, one casino game that can be quite difficult to find is roulette, especially if you’re looking for different varieties such as American, European or Rapid roulette. Never fear though, we’ve found plenty of places where you can find roulette around Toronto, with the furthest being just a two-hour drive.

Online Casinos

Let’s start with the closest casino first. This is the jackpot (so to speak): no land-based casino can offer as much variety as online casinos, especially when it comes to games like roulette. More often than not, live casinos offer the same exact roulette wheel a couple of times. That’s perfectly fine, but sometimes you just need something different. By playing online you can find the exact type of roulette you’re looking for with ease and then switch to another just as easily if you want to. For example, Mr Green offers both European and American roulette on its platform as well as a complete guide on how to play roulette like a pro. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Casino Rama

Next up we have a land-based casino situated two hours outside the city of Toronto. Don’t worry, though, the drive is absolutely worth it if you’re a big gaming fan. In addition to well over 2500 slot machines, the casino floor is home to numerous table games including craps, blackjack and - you guessed it - roulette. They’re so into roulette that they’ve created their own guide to the game which you can watch above. Speaking of watching stuff from Casino Rama, the venue also hosts a vast range of live performances so there’s always something to do if you get bored of roulette.

Casino Niagara

Like Casino Rama, Casino Niagara has a fantastic reputation for offering a large array of entertainment for its guests, whether that's games or it's live performances from world-famous acts. There are more than 1300 slots, multi-sport wagering opportunities on various betting machines and live entertainment, but best of all are the table games. In the poker room, there’s High Card Flush, Mississippi Stud, Three Card Poker and Nexus Progressive Five Card Bonus Hand. Then there’s Spanish 21, Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Casino War and Roulette. Altogether there are over 40 tables, so you’re sure to have plenty to do while you’re there. If you visit the casino’s website you can even download separate gaming guides for each table game, allowing you to avoid any learning curves that may dampen the experience.

These are our top picks for roulette games around Toronto, some of which you don’t even have to leave your home for! Please let us know if you’ve played somewhere else and think it could be a contender on our list, especially if it can be found in our beautiful city of Toronto.

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