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Collecting Points: Paytm App Review Part 2

In part one of this series, we explored the convenience of installing the Paytm app on your smartphone and setting up your Paytm account for easy bill payments. In this second article, I’m going to explain how I collect points doing something we all need to do anyway.

There are actually multiple ways I earn points with Paytm Canada. In a very real sense, I’m double-dipping, and it’s completely legal. The first way I earn points is from Paytm Canada, who reward you for every dollar you spend on your bills. For example, if I pay a $117.35 bill (not a random number but an actual bill I just paid with Paytm minutes ago), I receive 118 points. At this moment in time, I have 16,341 points that I can instantly redeem for rewards. I’ll delve deeper into these rewards in part 3 of this series.

There are additional ways to collect points from Paytm in addition to simply paying your bills. For example, you can refer the app to a friend and collect 5,000 points and you can earn bonus points for paying three and five different bills in a single month. And now you can conveniently "set it & forget it". Amazingly, Paytm has gamified bill payment.

Collecting Points

In addition to the points you earn with Paytm, there’s Paytm Cash. This is actual money, and you can earn it via the app and then apply it to your bills or the Paytm Rewards. Rest assured your Paytm Cash is safe and secure within the app, as protected as your transactions.

I mentioned I was double-dipping, and that’s because I pay every single one of my bills with my MasterCard credit card, even when that vendor doesn’t accept credit card payment. I can do this because I pay all of my bills via Paytm. Since I pay every bill with my MasterCard, I earn points with the credit card company that results in free groceries. So not only am I collecting Paytm points I can redeem for rewards, but I’m collecting points on my credit card. I love double-dipping, and if you have a credit card that collects points, you can double-dip too!

Of course, I don’t pay every bill with my credit card. Once a month, I have to pay off my credit card, and apparently financial institutions frown upon the idea of paying your credit card with your credit card. For that one bill, I use my bank account. I still get my Paytm points, though!

You’re likely wondering what you can do with all your Paytm points. I’m going to explain Paytm rewards in part 3 of this series. Paytm’s app is available for your smartphone now at

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