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Are Free Spin Bonuses Really That Great?

When it comes to free things, our spidey senses switch on, and we raise the questionable eyebrow to determine whether the deal is too good to be real. Chargeless things are great if they have reasonable or strings attached.

Who wouldn’t want to win the fancy cars often placed in malls during the Christmas seasons for shoppers to raffle it out? Or, the free spin bonus that randomly features on your screen as you spin the Alice and the Mad Tea Party free slots? However, from people’s experiences and our intuition, we often question what will be expected of us to get that free thing. For gamblers, the question is, ‘what’s the catch behind the free spin bonuses?’.

What Are Free Spin Bonuses?

Before we determine whether free spin bonuses are significant or not, let’s first define them. Free spins are additional bonus rounds offered to players after the completion of a specified prerequisite. The prerequisite could be matching a specific set of symbols, creating an account on the casino, making a certain deposit amount in the online casino, playing for a specified time and so much more.

In these bonus rounds, players are allowed to gamble without necessarily spending a coin. If you win the round, you earn real money. If you lose, it’s not a big deal as your bankroll remains untouched.

Two of the most common types are the no deposit and deposit free spins bonuses. The no deposit type does not require you to load any cash up front. You may, however, need to deposit a few coins to withdraw wins. The deposit type is only awarded once you deposit real money in your online casino account.

What to Look Out For?

There are a bunch of factors which determine whether the free spin bonus is really worth it. If its free it should be free, with little to no strings attached. The rewards should not also require you to go out of your way to acquire them. A bonus should only be what the word means.

Requirements to Earn the Bonus Spins

Find out what will be required of you to earn that bonus spin. Some casinos offer bonuses for merely creating an account. Some will need you to make a cash deposit or link your credit card information to provide the bonuses. Others will offer you the bonus for being a loyal customer. As long as you are fully conscious and aware of what you have to do to get the bonus and you are comfortable with it, then it’s all fair. If the requirements are not suitable for you, then, abandon the casino for better deals.

Wagering Requirements

These requirements refer to the additional play requirements before you can cashout. Find out the nitty gritty details of how and when you can withdraw wins from bonus free spins. Some casinos will require you to play a couple of round before cashing out. For example, if you win $500 that is withdrawn in bonus dollars that may require a 50x playthrough.

You would require $2500 in wagers to be able to access real money. As you continue playing, you can keep winning more, so it’s not all that bad if you have the time. Plus, your real cash remains untouched. However, casinos that offer extra spins bonuses without stringent wagering conditions are the best. Choose the spin bonuses with the lowest wagering play through requirements, they can range from all the way to 50x.

Additional Requirements

Read through the fine print to find out what else affects the spin bonuses being offered. Usually, the two listed above are the only factors to consider. Sometimes, though rarely some casinos require you to deposit some amount of money to be able to withdraw the bonus wins.

Most casinos do this to ensure there’s an actual real human being behind the computer.

Similar to what Paypal’s intention when they make a transaction on your credit card with a specific code to verify account identity. In extremely rare cases, bonus wins may only have specific withdrawal channels. If this is the case, you have to be very keen to ensure the methods are accepted in your state and accessible to you.

Our Two Cents

We conclude that the free spins bonuses are great as long as you choose the right ones with favourable requirements. In fact, extra rounds can increase your winning chances. In our opinion, they are extra channels of winning money with minimum strings attached. After all, nothing is entirely free in this world: you have to evaluate those whose costs don’t surpass the benefits.

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