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5 Interesting Gambling Facts

Did you know that Las Vegas is not the best city for gambling anymore? Or that bingo can improve your concentration and short-term memory? Learn five facts about gambling you probably haven't heard before.

Bingo Can Boost Your Brain

Bingo can boost your brain and this fact has been scientifically proven many times. Experts from Harvard University and the University of Southhampton have both written about this topic. In our opinion, bingo online UK sites are the best if you want to start playing this game. Moreover, our memory abilities are getting worse and worse, "thanks" to smartphones, tablets, and calculators. For instance, we no longer need to remember any phone numbers and other things, when everything is on our phones and computers. As the technology improves further, our brain abilities will probably decrease even more. So, if you're worried about your mental health, feel free to play bingo. Bingo can increase your mental speed, improve your memory as well as concentration. Hence, playing bingo is both fun and healthy. In our opinion, no matter how old you are, at least try bingo and see if you like it.

The Citizens of Monaco Can't Gamble in Their Own Country

Yes, you've read it right. Although Monaco is one of the world's top destinations for gambling, their citizens can't set foot in the extravagant casinos in Monaco. This tiny European country attracts thousands of tourists every year and a lot of them come there to gamble. The casino complexes in Monaco are among the most luxurious ones on Earth. Casino de Monte Carlo might be the most prestigious and most reputable casino complex in Europe. It has been active since the year 1863 and it's among the oldest casinos in the whole world. Unfortunately, only tourists can visit it and enjoy its impressive selection of games and luxury. We don't know why Monaco doesn't allow its citizens to gamble, but at least they don't have to pay any income tax. Monaco is a tax haven and the living standard in this country is extremely high.

Panchiko Game

The citizens of Japan love to gamble, but officially, gambling is forbidden by law. However, we are not talking about illegal gambling here. So, how is that even possible? There are special places in Japan that they call Panchiko parlors. They are widespread in the land of the rising sun and thousands of Japanese people visit them every day. Pachinko machines are very similar to pinball machines and slots. Panchiko is a fun and addictive game and the goal is to capture as many Pachinko balls as possible. Furthermore, these balls are both the prize and the bet. After you've finished playing and captured a few balls, you can trade them for different prizes. You can get bottles of expensive drinks, children toys, and other nice things. Moreover, there are also state-owned shops where you can go, bring your balls and exchange them for real cash.

Las Vegas is No Longer the Best Gambling Destination

This might come as a surprise to many people. Whenever someone mentions Las Vegas, we immediately think of gambling and impressive architecture. The first casino in this city opened in the year 1906 and ever since then Vegas has been extremely popular. Millions of tourist, both foreign and domestic, come to Vegas every year to have an unforgettable time and test their luck. However, Macau now boasts the biggest casino on Earth and they earn much more money from gambling than Las Vegas. While Vegas has 169 in-land casinos, Macau has "only" about 50 of them. On the other hand, Macau has a higher number of hotels and their casinos are significantly larger. If you check out the world's ten largest casinos, you'll see that five of them are in Macau and only one in Vegas. Nevertheless, many people still consider Las Vegas to be the most popular city for gambling. This is mainly because of Hollywood movies and famous American TV series. No matter what happens next, Vegas will always remain one of the most famous places on Earth. Nowadays, it's the second best place for gambling, but who knows, it may reclaim the top spot in the future. If it happens, we won't be surprised at all.

The Very First Slot Machine

You might find this unbelievable, but slot machines were invented in the 19th century. The first one appeared in the year 1895. The creator of this machine is Charles Fey. It was a three-reel machine and it had 5 different symbols. A bell would immediately ring if the exact same symbol appeared on all three reels. After that, the player would get his cash prize. Moreover, the highest payout was fifty cents. At that time, it was a groundbreaking invention and it changed the world of gambling forever. Thanks to Charles Fey and some other manufacturers, slot machines have become widespread and incredibly popular all over the globe.

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