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USS Turns 10

I've been digging USS for over a decade, so when lead singer and song writer Ashley Buchholz agreed to come on Toronto MIke'd in the early days, it was an absolute thrill. Here's episode 95 with Ash from USS.

Tonight, I was invited to a private birthday party for the band as they celebrate 10 years. They've got a great sound and they really are sweethearts. Ash told me with all the sincerity he could muster that his interview with me was the best one he's ever done. I choose to believe him.

Ash from USS and me

It was a birthday party, so you can bet there were cupcakes.

USS turns 10

On my ride home, there was a beautiful rainbow over the city. I had to stop and take a pic.

USS turns 10

Here's that first USS single I heard, over 10 years ago. It still sounds fresh.

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