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Adam Ricard and Melani Mariani Gone From 102.1 the Edge, Fearless Fred Moves to Q107

There was a time when the firing of the Edge morning show would be a "stop the presses" moment around these parts. Since the cancellation of The Dean Blundell Show, the only constant at 102.1 the Edge in the mornings has been change. Fearless Fred was there for a while, Rick the Temp was there, Josie Dye was there, and most recently, Adam Ricard and Melani Mariani were there.

Corus will announce a new 102.1 the Edge morning show soon, as Adam and Mel have been let go. I've never had the pleasure of meeting Melani, but Adam was kind enough to visit me for an episode of Toronto Mike'd, and we noted that he was the longest-serving DJ still on the air at that station. Alan Cross doesn't count because he left and came back.

You can hear my chat with Adam here:

Does anyone want to guess who will be their next morning show? I'm guessing Adam Wylde because that's my go-to guess for all Toronto morning radio shows targeting younger listeners with a vacancy.

Meanwhile, Fearless Fred is moving from 102.1 the Edge to Q107. His first shift on Q is 2pm on August 13. And Weekend host Wade MacNeil has also been let go. This is a rather aggressive refresh at 102.1.

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