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Ode to Cloverdale Mall

My daughter got her braces off today. That means I've been taking her to monthly appointments these past two years, giving me plenty of time to wander around Cloverdale Mall.

I joke that Cloverdale is heaven's waiting room, because it's chock full of old people during weekdays, but I find it a rather fun place to waste time. In addition to a Winners, where I've bought great socks and shorts recently, there's a rather unique Home Hardware. This Home Hardware always has seemingly random sales. For example, I just bought a small pack of M&Ms for 7 cents a bag.


In addition to other key stops like an LCBO, MTO, Rexall and Metro, they have a Dollarama. Check out this kickass CD they're selling for $2!


The Sunrise Records, which was the last one in the city before they took over all those HMV leases, will sell you used cassettes for a loonie! Kick is a play-thru.


And I quite like this tee shirt they're selling. Everybody knows that 90s Canadian Alt Rock is a genre.


There's also this independent sports apparel shop where you can get a good deal on expired goods, like this Jays shirt.


I'm almost sorry the braces are off and my monthly visits have come to an end. Sure, she'll be wearing a retainer for a while and they'll want to check things out, but I'm told those visits are only a couple of minutes. That's not nearly long enough for a mall this quirky.

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