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The Elusive George Bell

Ten days ago, I shared an important message from George Bell. My pal Mark Hebscher met George at a charity golf tournament and was kind enough to record that message for me. I love it.

While Hebsy was recording George, he managed to ask him a few questions about his first big league game, his infamous drop-kick of Bruce Kison, and the Drive of '85. George is so elusive, this is a real treat for us fans of #11. Here's the video.

By the way, Hebsy has been sharing clips like this at the end of each episode of his new podcast, Hebsy on Sports. Hebsy on Sports is recorded twice a week in my basement, and we talk for thirty minutes about what's happening in sports, always with a GTA slant. And don't worry, it's 95% Hebsy, only 5% me.

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