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Adam Wylde Quits KiSS 92.5

CHUM FM promoted the heck out of a 3pm announcement today, and that got everybody guessing what was up with the Bell Media station. Were they going to announce a third member of the morning show? Was newlywed Marilyn Denis announcing her departure? What about Roger Ashby, the last on-air person who was also on Toronto's airwaves in the 1960s?

That big announcement ended up being a "refresh". To quote the Bell Media press release, "Toronto’s iconic 104.5 CHUM FM radio station evolves to listeners in Toronto and across Canada to CHUM 104.5".

Here's the new branding.


But Mike, your title is "Adam Wylde Quits KiSS 92.5". What does that have to do with CHUM's refresh?

Adam Wylde has indeed quit his gig at Rogers-owned KiSS 92.5. You might still hear him on the air for a day or two, but he's gone. In fact, he's already removed all references to KiSS from his social accounts.

There's likely a non-compete that will keep him off the air for a bit, similar to what happened when his former co-host Blake Carter left KiSS 92.5 for The Move. But when that non-compete is over, he could join his mom at Bell-owned CHUM 104.5.

Think of the story... Adam joins his mom and Roger Ashby on the morning show, then when Roger and Marilyn announce their retirement to much fanfare, Adam is there to carry the torch with a new co-host. It's pretty perfect.

Unless Adam ends up at Virgin 999 and ruins everything!

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