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Patron Exclusive Live Chat: May 30 @ 8pm

On May 30th at 8pm, I'm going to try something new. I'm going to host a call for all Toronto Mike'd Patrons. If you're a Patron, I will be emailing you a link that will allow you to hear this live call and will allow you to ask a question textually or join the call and talk to me directly. It's a new app I'm beta testing just for this purpose.

And yes, if you've emailed me money because you prefer that method over Patreon, I'll be sure to include you on this email as well. In fact, if you did this and want to make sure I don't miss you, write me a note as a "better safe than sorry" reminder.

If you're not yet a Patron but would like to be on this call, become one today at to get on the list. It's not too late!

More information will be in your inbox soon. If you're available at 8pm on March 30, I really hope you join the call as we discuss recent episodes, upcoming episodes and more.

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