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I've watched all or part of almost every Raptors game this season. I consider this the best Raptors team yet, and thought they could beat the Cavs and make their first finals appearance. I was a true believer.

Although you can no longer be swept in three games, that just happened to my Raps in the second round against LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers. And these three games... man... what total and complete ownage.

Game One: Cleveland 113, Toronto 112

With apologies to Vince Carter who missed a three that would have beat the 76ers in a game seven that happened to fall on graduation day, this is the worst loss in Raptors history. We never trailed until OT, and had numerous opportunities to win. I'm still amazed we lost this one.

Game Two: Cleveland 128, Toronto 110

This is the most humiliating loss in Raptors history. Two minutes into the third quarter, I knew exactly what was going to happen. LeBron James went into beast mode and the Raps folded like a cheap suit. It was embarrassing.

Game Three: Cleveland 105, Toronto 103

We trailed the entire game and then somehow tied it up with 8 seconds left. Neither team had a timeout, so the Cavs got the ball in LeBron's hands and he took it from there. That shot... that playground shot as he faded away in a sideway jump and scored off the glass as time expired... had no business going in. This game... that moment... my son sat in stunned silence and I just looked at him and smiled. All hail the king. There's no shame in losing to the best. Like the meme says, I wasn't even mad... that was amazing.

Welcome to LeBronto.

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