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Today's Deadly Van Incident On Yonge Street

Today, shortly before 1:30pm, a man driving a white rental van struck a number of pedestrians between Finch and Sheppard on Yonge Street. Toronto Police have confirmed 9 people are dead and 16 are injured, 5 critically. The driver is in police custody.

If you're looking for speculation and hot takes regarding this horrific tragedy, this isn't the place for you. I will report the facts as they're discovered, corroborated and revealed.

If you can donate blood, I urge you to do so as often as possible. It took me far too long to realize this, and now my biggest challenge is waiting long enough before donating. Start today - make an appointment at a clinic near you at

Update: According to NBC News, the driver's name is Alek Minassian and he is 25 years old.

Multiple U.S. and Canadian law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation told NBC News that mental illness was the leading theory based on the preliminary investigation into the incident.

Update 2: CBC reports he lionized Elliot Rodger and referred to himself as an “incel,” or an “involuntarily celibate” person who was seeking revenge on society.

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