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Stephen Brunt and Richard Deitsch Announced as Bob McCown's New Co-Hosts on PTS

Bob McCown has announced his new co-hosts on Prime Time Sports. In one of the worst kept secrets in sports radio, Stephen Brunt will be co-hosting for 20 weeks in 2018. Brunt's done this before and he's as good as it gets.

Funnily enough, when Stephen Brunt visited me recently, I asked him if he would ever return to Prime Time Sports. Here's what he told me.

For the remaining weeks, Richard Deitsch is moving his family to Toronto to take the gig. Deitsch writes for Sports Illustrated and will make his debut in March.

Damien Cox, McCown's last co-host, will appear elsewhere on The Fan 590, although they haven't announced specifics. I intend to have him over for a third time to learn more.

Well, thanks. Nice of you to say. I’ll be back on @torontomike the next time I’m invited!— Damien Cox (@DamoSpin) January 16, 2018
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