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Betting on bingo: how women dominate low stakes gambling


When  it comes to gambling, men and women have always been seen at two very different  beasts. Looking back in history, men were always the  predominant gamblers in society, with the pastime looked at as a pursuit that the  fairer sex simply wouldn’t enjoy. Thankfully, that sort of attitude has now been  relegated to the coffers of history, and with it, a new breed of gambler was  welcomed into the fold, albeit in a slightly different way.

Winning is fun, but fun doesn't always  mean winning

Firstly,  it has to be said that some women obviously gamble in much the same manner as  men do. But in general, there are some notable differences in what men and  women prefer to bet on.  With men still  hugely dominant in the high stakes games and sports betting, women have in general,  taken to smaller stakes, and in turn smaller risk betting. If you look at bingo games in the UK, it is predominantly  enjoyed by women, whether it is being played in person (at organised meetups)  or online, and is advertised accordingly. The physical meetups are regularly  billed as a ‘girl’s night out’, and the apps and websites are often coloured in  schemes that look especially appealing to women. But why the divide in betting  in the first place?

It  is generally thought that women simply enjoy the social side of gambling more  than men do. For the guys, the eyes are firmly on the prize money from the  moment they walk into the betting shop, or log onto the website (again, in  general). Women on the other hand, tend to enjoy the social aspect of gambling  as much, if not more so than the winning. This originated from the organised  events, and spread into the digital realm quickly, as online betting shops  noticed this, and started adding chat rooms to many of the Bingo websites,  allowing players to recreate the social aspect of the night out.

Men  however, tend to be much heavier users of sports betting apps, many of whom are  curiously missing the ability to chat to other patrons. This could be down to  the fact that simply betting on a horse or ball game doesn’t require any chat  between gamblers, but in the same breath, neither does Bingo really, does it?  Women, generally being the more social of the sexes, seem to just enjoy having  a little interaction with their gambling. In that respect, games likes online  Slots and Bingo chat rooms scratch two itches at once.

A pattern that spans the globe


This  also aligns with the fact that women tend to bet smaller amounts, and risk less  overall when betting. That isn’t to say that winning at the Bingo or on the  slot machines isn’t part of the allure, but it most certainly isn’t the only  reason women get involved. For some, the Bingo hall or website has created a  space where they can relax with their friends, have fun, and perhaps win a  little extra cash. For those women who lead such busy lives that catching up  with friends has been put on the back burner, this sort of social betting can  be a crutch to lean on in much the same way some people go to the  bar after work to relax, or play online video games.

This  is a trend that continues worldwide too, with Canadian women also preferring  Bingo and slots, much like their English counterparts. With Bingo becoming  popular later in history for Canadian women, any regional bias towards games  should be easy to prove, but the data actually backs up the idea that men and  women simply prefer different types of games. With lotteries still being the  most popular form of betting for women, Bingo and Slot machines come a close  second and third, with men, yet again preferring the likes of Poker and sports  betting across the board in Canada.

Women, betting, and the future


Going  forward, it will be interesting to see how companies bet on their female  customers in the future. With women enjoying gambling in ever increasing  numbers, we are bound to see new varieties of games being created to capitalise  on a previously untapped resource. This could take the form of other games that  were previously un-monetized, in much the same way the hugely popular HQ app has done. This interactive quiz  now regularly gets audiences of just under a million viewers, four times a day,  with prize money of up to $1500 up for grabs. The success of this will surely  push other app creators to ‘gamify’ other gambling pastimes, or indeed reverse  things by using currently popular game types and adding a sprinkling of  betting. Monetized Candy Crush, anyone?

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