Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 290: Gill Deacon

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 290In this 290th episode, Mike chats with Gill Deacon about being in a band, Gord Downie, her broadcasting career, her battle with cancer, her current hosting duties on Here and Now on CBC Radio and her favourite holiday music. This episode is exactly 1:33:51.

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Gill Deacon and me

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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Comments (11 - click here to join in!)

Urooj Islam

What a fantastic shirt.

December 7, 2017 @ 2:45 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Urooj Islam

Early in this ep, I tell the story of this shirt.

December 7, 2017 @ 2:46 PM

Blind Dave

I got that shirt on Fashion Wankers (@knitwearwankers) as a retweet. Just doing my duty as I love that shirt!

Will listen to the pod soon. I'm six or seven behind.

December 7, 2017 @ 8:41 PM


Looking forward to downloading this. I enjoy here and now

December 8, 2017 @ 8:14 AM

Hamish Grant

While Mike's shirt is legit from the 1976 Olympic staff uniforms... interested listeners can obtain something approaching the original, made from possibly less flammable materials to boot.

Official licensed product, too. They also have leggings, socks and sweatshirts.

* I do not work for Shelfies, or the CBC. But I respect the work of both companies.

December 8, 2017 @ 9:01 AM


Gill is fantastic, and it really comes out in this chat. It felt like I was listening in on a couple of friends talking. If there are 289 more like this, I'm a very lucky gal!

December 8, 2017 @ 11:20 AM


Not a frequent listener to CBC radio, but do remember regularly watching her afternoon talk show
during its brief existence back in the day. Wasn't previously aware of her musical past, so the stories
surrounding that time period in her life were quite interesting. Also found the segment about the economic realities of the Canadian publishing industry (other than hockey tomes!!) fascinating, if
not somewhat sobering.

December 13, 2017 @ 12:11 PM

Rick C in Oakville

Nicely done! I have listened occasionally to Gill, remember her fill in son q(Q?) more.
Always enlightening with your conversations Mike, if you were to just listen to Gill on the CBC, who would have known she was in a rock band (Bag of Hammers), her path to Here and Now, and her personal health issues.
Definitely will listen to her KOTJ's after hearing her pick of Erin Costello.

December 19, 2017 @ 9:09 PM


Finally listening now and it's fantastic.

#realtalk at its finest.

Her voice is very sexy.

Yours is close Mike.

December 21, 2017 @ 4:52 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

I hope people don't skip this episode because they don't listen to CBC and don't know the name. She's very interesting!

December 21, 2017 @ 4:53 PM


Agreed. That may be the case though. I listen to her show so I had my personal interest.

She felt very comfortable and it reflected in the show. I listened to Andy Frosts' show after and it felt the opposite. Maybe he was slightly nervous but his felt canned and awkward at times

December 22, 2017 @ 8:15 AM

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