Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 274: Mike Hogan

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 274In this 274th episode, Mike chats with TSN's Mike Hogan about his 18 years at The Fan, his work at TSN, calling Argonaut games, the Argos attendance problem and his personal relationship with Doug Gilmour and The Tragically Hip. This episode is exactly 2:23:59.

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Mike Hogan and Me

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Thanks for some non KOTJ podcasts Mike!

October 23, 2017 @ 4:29 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Four of the last six have been deep dives! :)

I love the non-KOTJ episodes too, it's just tougher to book the guests for those. But I try very hard to do one a week.

October 23, 2017 @ 4:33 PM

Urooj Islam


October 23, 2017 @ 4:44 PM


Hogan was very good. My Family and I went to Kingston for Canada Day 2 years ago. Real nice town in the summer. We stayed at a room in a Queens residence building. Nice place and well priced.

Here is the big reason the Soccer Fans don’t like the Argos.

Before BMO Field was built, the Argos had agreed to build a stadium at York with the Canadian Soccer Association. The Argos pulled out of that deal, to stay at Skydome playing rent free. This meant the Canadian Soccer Association had no building in Toronto and they almost took their money and built a stadium in Edmonton for the National Soccer Teams. If that had happened we wouldn’t have had a BMO field or TFC.

BMO was eventually built in Toronto when MLSE and the city put in money to get it built with the Canadian Soccer Association’s Cash. No thanks to the Argos. Actually, in spite of the Argos.

I’m always surprised people do not mention this when talking about why Soccer Fans do not want the Argos on their field.

Very good episode.


October 24, 2017 @ 6:48 AM



Looking at your archive, its been 2 KOTJ to 1 deep dive in the last 2/3 months. I honest dont care, I dont like KOTJ but I download to support you, was just happy. I really dislike the KOTJ so Im happy when a normal podcast shows up in my feed.

Regarding the CFL, its pretty easy, if it was 'must watch' product, other companies would cover it. The Superbowl is only carried by one station in the states, but every station covers it because of the demand. People can be upset that they dont get enough coverage, but its not like its such a highly demanded product that it forces broadcasters hands to cover it. Dont like your coverage, be better.

October 24, 2017 @ 8:47 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


The first 30 minutes of a KOTJ is essentially a shorter deep dive, FWIW.

And what I've tried to do is keep the one deep dive a week but add KOTJs around it. This week, for example, I did a 2.5 hour deep dive with Hogan but will do a couple of KOTJ episodes as well.

In this episode I said Rogers can get away with not covering the CFL but Bell can't get away with not covering the Jays. That's all about consumer demand.

October 24, 2017 @ 8:55 AM



I know, we've talked about this before, I listened tot he Cox KOTJ and still didn't like it. Its not for me, that's all, dont change what you like over what I like. Only thing I've ever said was to create a new feed so that you get a feel for if people are downloading it because they like KOTJ or because they like Toronto Mike. It gives you a cleaner number. I remember we use to get a few 'deep dives' a week, now its down to one, its too bad, but if others like it, who cares what i think.

My comment was more directed to Hogan (who was great), he didnt understand why anyone would ignore an event, the fact is that the CFL isnt an event that everyone cares about. No different then TSN ignoring junior hockey other then the U20 tournament.

October 24, 2017 @ 9:42 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


I still like my idea. Get the Rocket to come out of retirement!

October 24, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Gord Hunter

I've known Mike Hogan for *gulp* 35 years. We've had road trips together, gone to concerts and sporting events together. We've had, I don't know, maybe 10,000 beers together. And yet you still had me locked into your podcast for the whole damn thing. Great job. New listener for sure. And thanks for sharing the Hoagie I know with the world. I believe he's one of Canadian sports radio's best kept secrets but he shouldn't be.

October 24, 2017 @ 12:18 PM


Even as someone who still goes to one or two Argo games a year like I've been doing for 40 years, I have to debunk a couple of obvious things that he and some of the corporate Argo/CFL cheerleader types seem to keep repeating.
Whatever fictitious number they claim as attendance at Argo home games is ridiculous nonsense, mainly to look good for sponsors. Yes, all pro and college teams do it, including the other Toronto teams,

just usually not quite as unrealistically. They aren't fooling anybody. Reasonable estimates are that about 5,000 look to be actually there at most games.
And regarding the claim that allegedly there's lots of people in Toronto watching Argo games on TV -- The only actual numbers relating to that Numeris (I think they were still known as BBM at the time) ever actually released to the general public were lists of the Top 30 TV shows of the week for individual markets -- Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, etc. -- and they stopped doing it some time in the last few years. Now they only publish a National Top 30 list. But at the time, CFL games, particularly playoff games, would make those lists and sometimes be near the top for Calgary and Edmonton, but not be on the list for Toronto while other sports (Leafs, Jays, World Cup soccer) would sometimes be there. And a couple of years ago there was a survey with results that would also seem to disprove that highly questionable notion that there are huge numbers of somehow invisible of Argo fans, and perhaps worst of all, "among the 18-34 demographic marketers covet ... not a single respondent identified themselves first and foremost as an Argos fan. Not one."

October 24, 2017 @ 1:28 PM

Gary M

Used to know Mike Hogan in the workplace. One of the greatest guys on the planet.

October 24, 2017 @ 11:35 PM

Al The Royal Pain

Great episode Mike! This is one of my favourites. loved Hogan's stories about The Hip and his recollections of The Fan. The day they fired Landry, Stellick, Hogan, et al, they lost some of their soul as a station and I was a free agent. I stopped listening/caring about the morning and mid-morning shows.

I still listen to McCown and Tim & Sid in podcast form...but as far as I'm concerned, terrestrial radio (especially morning radio) is dead.

October 25, 2017 @ 12:05 PM

AB to the C

Great guest. The CFL talk was interesting. I would like to request a Doug Smith or Bruce Arthur where maybe you talk about the place of the Raptors in the Toronto marketplace. I admire Hogan's passion for the Argos even though he is amongst a select few. Maybe unrelated as Hogan shows respect to soccer, but I look at CFL fans who put down soccer as comparables to NHL fans who put down the NBA. In the end, I think this hurts both the CFL and the NHL in Canada.

My experience from CFL fans, especially those in Western Canada is that soccer is criticized because these guys are not tough! Look at that guy down on the ground. That would never happen in a tough sport like Football! With hockey fans, I see things similarly. An NBA player flops and it becomes a big story. How does this help the sport become more popular in Canada?

When I see a Toronto FC game or a Raptors game, I see more young people and diversity in the crowd. When I see an Argos game, I see empty seats, less diversity and an elderly crowd. Maybe a poll needs to be done but that is what I see. The NHL is still huge but could something to a smaller extent that has happened with the Argos happen with the Leafs? When you ignore the growing multiculturalism of Canada and the impact soccer and basketball has to Canadians born elsewhere, you have the Toronto Argos of today. Hockey fans being so defensive of 'Hockey will always be the biggest sport in Canada" need to spend time in Canadian communities where a Lebron, Steph Curry or Ronaldo is way cooler than Crosby or McDavid. Hockey fans ignoring the popularity of soccer and the NBA does not fix what will be a potential problem where hockey is not as popular anymore.

I think another issue, especially with the Raptors is that an aging group of sports media in Toronto do not give basketball its due coverage. Two kids from Toronto, yes Toronto, in Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett go #1 in two consecutive years in the NBA Draft and....crickets. Really! I feel Tim and Sid represent the younger crowd and Canadians of all backgrounds. The little hip-hop references and the balanced coverage of sports makes them a great watch. I hope you get them as guests one day. Great show as always.

October 26, 2017 @ 12:20 AM


Mike Hogan should have his own radio show.

October 27, 2017 @ 7:48 AM

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