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The Meet and Greet Finds a Way

I took my youngest two kids to see Splash'N Boots yesterday at the Al Green Theatre. They thoroughly enjoyed the show and afterwards we were patiently waiting for the meet and greet with Splash and Boots. That's when a 3-year old decided to pull the fire alarm. I witnessed the whole thing, but was too far away to prevent it.

Even though it was clearly a false alarm, protocol must be followed so everyone had to vacate the theatre until the fire department came to clear it. But what about the meet and greet?

The show must go on, and Splash and Boots moved the meet and greet to the back alley. It was a pretty cool sight.. dozens of toddlers lined up beside graffiti and the stench of garbage cans to meet their entertainment heroes. No child left disappointed.

Meet and Greet
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