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Investment And Prioritization – Main Requirements For Company Culture

How  important is culture for your team?

First and foremost, there can be some confusion  and raised eyebrows when using the word ‘culture’ within the company context.  Some people might confuse this word with the experience on the market, the  history of the company or worse, the perks that the company can offer. But when  talking about a company, whether it is because you have just received a job  offer from the respective company or you are already hired by that company, the  term ‘culture’ refers mainly to the company’s working environment, to how you,  as an employee, would describe your working place. Culture in this sense refers  to the personality that the employees shape out of the company itself.



Is  culture something ready-made?

The first contact you have with a company is the  recruiting process. You are being interviewed by several people in the company  and have to contact with each one of them. Unknowingly, each of them is a face  of the company for you and bears the mission of sharing with you the company  culture, the aims of the company, and the values that the company stands by.  However, culture is not something ready-made, something that you receive when  you are hired. Culture is something you will contribute actively to, that you  will be a part of, and that you will grow together with your coworkers. It has  become seemingly important to appreciate the culture of the company nowadays,  as we get to spend numerous hours during a day at work. And certain perks, such  as free lunch, gym subscription or free entries, can be provided by each and  any company. But in the end, what really makes the difference is the company  culture and the type of working environment it provides.


 This is why culture needs to have deep sediments  in a company’s background and needs to fulfill the following requirements, the  same way you need to fulfill some requirements when playing stargames  casino:

  • The hiring process is the first contact  that a person has with a company. The more pleasant this process is, the more  likely it is that the future employee will understand, appreciate, and want to  be part of the company culture. Even if in the end, the person who is applying  for the respective position won’t get to be part of the company, they will be  more likely to share positive feedback on the company and in this way, help you  spread the word about your company’s values.


  • Some of the managers often believe that  motivation is extrinsically achieved. This is, most of the time, a thinking  which is doomed to be misunderstood, just like the casino games are by some people, as it implies that the employee needs to be  constantly pushed into achieving more. However, part of the employee’s  motivation should come from their personal wish to make their job better and  satisfy their manager. For this, their manager needs to reward the employee’s  efforts with understanding, flexibility, and empathy. Making the employee feel  happy and intrinsically motivated to come to work every day is part of the  company’s culture.
  • The company culture should be envisioned  by the ones in the upper management and communicated to the whole company.  Communication is definitely essential if you want to make sure that the company  culture is clear to everyone, as well as the company vision and values. Keeping  everyone informed and involved through brainstorming sessions, meetings, and  open chats can lead to everyone feeling part of the business and getting  involved in all the processes the company is going through.


How  can one contribute to the company’s culture?

It is important that we identify the company  whose culture we appreciate the most. At the end of the day, one appreciates  going to work in a relaxed but motivated way more than stressing out too much  or being tense all the time. On the same note, being part of the upper  management, it is essential for you to understand the role of culture in your  organization, to grow it, and to keep your team happy.

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