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In-depth Look at Online Casinos in Canada, the Key to Winning Big-Time

Canada is one of the places which  treat gambling in a different light. Though most gambling games are legal in  Canada, it's a totally different story when you're talking about online gambling.  This is because the Canadian government refuses to grant licenses to online  casinos in the country.

But despite this, there are still a  number of Canadian casinos that are currently operating. Before the 1960’s,  Canada was known as a very strict country when it comes to  gambling.
 However, all that changed when the  government tried to find for additional sources of revenue. This led to a  number of provinces being granted the right to decide whether to have gambling  operations or not.
 Having a sports betting website or  any site that operates gambling games are treated as a criminal offense based  on Canada's criminal code. That's how strict the country is when it comes to  online gambling.  
 But as what’s mentioned above, the  provinces have the freedom to decide on which gambling operations will they  have. This then serves as the loophole for the provinces to decide whether to  legalize online casinos or not.
 Games of Chance vs Games of Skill
 Now that you have a background on the  status of Canadian online casinos, it’s time for you to know how to deal with  them. In doing so, it’s important to know that there are two types of gambling  games.
 These are the games of chance and the  games of skill. Games of chance like slots and online roulette NZ don’t require much  knowledge or techniques in playing. But it’s a different story when you’ll be  playing games of skill like Poker and Black Jack. These games need the right strategy and game plan to bring you to victory.
 Top Online Casinos in Canada
 1. Jackpot City
 Jackpot City is one of the best  online casinos in Canada because of its more than 300 games. But it's not only  about that as there are also plenty of welcome bonuses where you can get lots  of cash rewards. Its customer service is also excellent as they'll answer your  queries as soon as possible. It has a minimum deposit of C$20.
 What’s great about this online casino  is that it has a lot of microgaming games. Its progressive slots also have  big-time prizes. All of these are smoothly running in an easy-to-use interface.  The best part about playing here is the C$1600 Welcome Bonus you can get.
 Though its bonus requirements are a  bit complicated and there are some misleading texts, it’s not that big-of-a-deal  as its interactive interface makes up for these.
 2. Spin Palace
 Spin Palace is another one of the best online casinos for Canadian players. This is the ideal site  if you’re going to play on a desktop computer. There are over 200 poker games  you can choose from. With a minimum deposit of C$20, you’ll surely be enticed  to play here.
 There are lots of games to choose  from. This goes perfectly with the Video Poker catalog and customer support  that's open 24/7. And this runs smoothly on your Android or Apple device.
 It’s not the fastest and the most visually  pleasing online casino.
 3. Betway
 You might also want to try your luck  in Betway, another reputable online casino in Canada. There are over 450 games  you can choose from, as well as 9 live table games. There’s even a Live Bingo  game, a sports book, and an eSport betting place.
 It has its own poker room,  full-service casino, and sports book. These also run perfectly well on your  Apple or Android devices. And what's best is that it has a dedicated phone  support for Canadian users.
 The visual property of its interface  is not very pleasing. The games are also made only by one developer.

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