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Why You Should Avoid Playing with OLG

Gambling in Canada is not only becoming  more and more popular, it is also becoming better and better. The fact of the  matter is that in less than a decade the online gambling industry, particularly  in Canada, has exploded. This is not only because of the massive advances in  online gaming technology as well as mobile gaming technology, it is also  because Canada’s status as a top online gambling mecca has increased  tremendously.

In order to cash in on this incredible  trend of online  gambling in Canada, certain provincial gambling options have emerged over  the past few years. The idea behind these local websites is to offer Canadians  a viable alternative to the influx of international online casino brands.

There are several so-named lottery  corporations, each serving a different region or group of provinces in Canada.  This includes BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corporation), WCLC (Western Canada  Lottery Corporation), ALC (Atlantic Lottery Corporation) and OLG or Ontario  Lottery Corporation. The question is though, are they any good and should you  be gambling with them?

OLG and – What are they?
 If you live anywhere in Ontario, there’s a  more than good chance that you’ve heard of OLG. In fact, you may have already  played games with OLG and not even realised it. This is because the main  purpose of OLG is to sell lottery tickets to people living in Ontario. In this  regard, everything is A-Okay and hunky dory since the lottery side of the brand  goes back a couple of decades.

However, when they introduced their eGaming  side of the operation, intended to offer an alternative to Ontarians who wanted  to gamble online, that things became a bit fuzzy. is designed to  operate like an online casino and offers a range of casino games including  slots, table games, single play poker, scratch cards, and so on. Basically all  the things (more or less) that you would find at an international online  casino. also further expanded to compete with international  sportsbooks by offering a type of online sports betting facility called Pro-Line.

How Pro-Line from OLG Works
 Pro-Line goes all the way back to 1992 when  it was offered in kiosks by OLG as well as by ALC under the Pro-Line Stadium  brand. Both Pro-Line and Pro-Line Stadium work on a parlay ticket, which means  that you need to place several bets on the same ticket and have all those bets  right to win. Players can select anywhere from two to eight games per parlay  ticket with three betting options on offer: points spread, moneyline or totals.  You can also combine these different betting options on your parlay but not  within the same game.

Why You Should be Shopping Around in  Ontario
 While Pro-Line, as well as OLG would like  you to believe that sticking with them is your best bet to making real money  with sports betting, the truth is somewhat different. The fact of the matter is  that Pro-Line parlay bets are not true parlay bets.

This is mainly because Pro-Line only offers  fixed odds betting, while top international sportsbooks will offer you much  better odds and bigger payouts. This is because international (offshore) sports  betting sites increase payouts based on the number of legs in your parlay  ticket, while Pro-Line’s parlay tickets lean more towards giving Pro-Line (and  OLG) a bigger advantage. Pro-Line also presents problems when it comes to a tie  bet. While international sportsbooks will give you a realistic tie bet option,  Pro-Line require a win margin of at least 6 points in basketball, or 4 points  in football, with anything less considered a tie.

As far as online casinos go, the OLG casino  has some of the main detractors as Pro-Lin. The biggest of which is that the  return to player (RTP), or amount of winnings an online casino gives back to  the player for every dollar bet, is much lower at the OLG online casino.  The same slots you could be playing at an  international online casino catered to Canadians probably has a better RTP than  OLG. What does this mean, well it basically means you have a better chance of  winning and actually taking home money. Don’t believe me? Check out authority  online casino websites like and they will tell you all about this stuff.

Not only do you not have as good a chance  of winning but you also don’t get as many game choices and great welcome  bonuses to play with. There are dozens of reputable online casinos out there  that have dozens more software providers providing thousands of games and  experiences. OLG online casino simply can’t compete with that. Bottom line is  that you had best educate yourself on where to spend your hard earned money  before blindly giving it up to good ol’ OLG.

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