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Pro-line vs. Sports Interaction

Pro-Line and Sports Interaction are  both online betting sites where you can place bets on sports. The real question  is which one is better? Surprisingly players are still playing at Pro-line and  it’s not even close to being as good as an online sportsbook like Sports  Interaction.

Sports Interaction


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Sport Select

Sport Select is the company behind Pro-Line  and they have different branding throughout Canada. They are known as Pro-Line  in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, Mise-O-Jeu in Quebec and Sports Action in  British Columbia and sometimes referred to as Oddset.

Game & Odds Comparison

Checking a MLB baseball game between Baltimore  Orioles and the Tampa Bay Rays on Wed July 26th, 2017 we get some discrepancies  in payouts.


Sports Interaction


Baltimore Over

+9.0 2.00

+9.5 1.75

Tampa Bay Under

+9.0 1.83

+9.5 1.65

First of all, Pro-Line pays out less on the  over/under but wait! It gets worse, Pro-Line don’t even tell you what the  over/under amount is and you have to click to add to your betting slip to only  realize it’s over/under by 9.5 which is a half run more than Sports  Interaction. If you ask any sharp sports bettor they’ll tell you this will cost  you. You’re getting nearly 50% more payout on Sports Interaction AND you don’t  have to mess this up into a 6 bet parlay which is only going to compound the  odds against you.


More prop bets at Sports  Interaction

Ok if the terrible odds weren’t good enough  for you, it gets worse as you have really little to bet on for this game at  Pro-Line and you have to dump this into a 6 game parlay which essentially  grinds your money away into thin air. At Sports Interaction for this game you  have simply more options to bet on including 50 different betting props:

  1. Runline
  2. Moneyline
  3. Over/Under
  4. First team to score
  5. Total runs in any inning
  6. Half-time / full-time result
  7. Winning margin
  8. Last team to score
  9. Odd/Even game total

If you ask players that regularly bet on  sports, they’ll tell you they like sites where they can bet on anything they  want like the coin toss in soccer, first team to score, half time results and  prop bets too. If were to rate Pro-Line as a sportsbook they would get low markets for selection  of betting markets and having the worst odds found online.

Controversy of odds by Pro-Line

From the Wikipedia entry on Sport Select.

In  recent years, Sport Select has come under increasingly heavy criticism from  Canadian gamblers due to the poor odds it offers (from the gambler's  perspective). A private bookmaker licensed in the United Kingdom or Nevada  generally maintains an overround (or "vig") of about 110%, meaning  the bookmaker can expect to pay out $100 for every $110 that is wagered. In  Canada, however, the overround for an individual match in Sport Select odds often  exceeds 130%. To make matters worse for the bettor, the parlay requirement  compounds the overround - the actual vigorish is a minimum of 160% but can  climb to well over 300% (if six selections are made). In jurisdictions such as  the United Kingdom where genuine compeititon is allowed, bookies often pay  bonuses for winning parlay bets to help offset the compounded vig. Sport Select  does not.

Forced Parlays on Pro-Line

Apparently it’s against the law to allow  betting on a single sporting event but for some stupid reason it’s ok when it’s  combined into a 6 game parlay. This makes no sense and at least explains why  Pro-Line has their rules. Since they own a virtual monopoly in Canada, they are  able to give out the worst payouts and it really gives players a bigger  incentive to find other online sportsbooks that do accept Canadian players.  You’d think that players are betting so much on sports and all this revenue is  generating taxes so why not make it a bit fair for players?

Players speakout about Pro-Line  on social media #prolinesucks

Just checking the hashtag of #proline isn’t  good enough, you need to go further to find what players really think about  Pro-Line and their true emotion shine through, might contain some NSFW  language.

Am stunned right now
Three Props card losses by .5, and a shoot-out Pro Line loss
How do you get jobbed 4 times in one day?#prolinesucks— Mike (@MikeEx80) November 10, 2014

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