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Ontario Health Care Centre

A court has recently disapproved of the kind of health care of offered at Ontario Health care centre. The therapeutic programs offered have been said to be torture to the patients. Justice Paul Perell’s judgement came after a report that patients were being mistreated. Evidence showed that patients were forced to take drugs and they were deprived of sleep. This together with the physical restraints were tortures that were experienced at the clinic.

Two doctors at the psychiatric hospital claimed that the health programs fell outside the statute of limitation and as such could not be subject to court proceedings. However, Perill dismissed such claims. This is actually different from playing online casino games. Players are valued and treated with care and respect. For instance, online casinos such as Australia online casino are still looking for ways to improve services provided to their valued customers.

None of the lawyers who were involved in the case were ready to respond to questions. The premises where the tortures took place was identified. The doctors who administered these mental health programs were mentioned. They included Doctor Elliot Thompson Barker and Doctor Gary Meir. They were also named as plaintiffs in the law suit.

One of the health programs included Defense Disruptive Therapy called DDT. This involved forcing patients hallucinogenic and beryllium producing drugs which were meant to break down patients. These were also to break down the patient’s defense mechanism and force them to confront their abnormal behavior. The other health program was called The Motivation, Attitude Participation program. This involved forcing patients to complete 14 days of perfect behavior. With this program, patients had to adhere to authorized rules on talking and movement.

The other health program required patients to sit on the bare floor only allowing them to move 4 times in four hours. Patients were confined to a space three square feet in size. Patients who were failing to comply were sedated or placed in solitary confinement.

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