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The Ongoing History of New Music Podcast

One of the best podcasts is a show you likely already know and love. The Ongoing History of New Music, hosted by Alan Cross (hear his episode of Toronto Mike'd here), has been heard on CFNY (and other Corus radio stations) for almost 25 years. Ok, it went on hiatus for a while when they let Cross go in 2011, but it returned in 2014 and is still in production.

The Ongoing History of New Music has also been available as a podcast these past few months. I've been listening to it and it's the exact same show you hear on the radio with one exception. Instead of playing the whole song, they play a small portion. How small seems to depend on the episode.... the recent episode about Pearl Jam included about 20 seconds of each song but the Beastie Boys episode contained significantly shorter samples. Nevertheless, all the non-musical content is there, and that's the key to the program.

The editing for the podcast is being done by Rob Johnston and I chatted with him about when older episodes will find their way to the archive. He tells me he typically puts the podcast up on the Wednesday after it airs on the stations and he's getting to older shows as he finds time. Rob, by the way, was my guest for episode 159 of Toronto Mike'd.

So when you're sampling new podcasts this summer, you might want to subscribe to an old favourite. Search for Ongoing History of New Music in your podcatcher of choice.

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