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We Should Have Seen Xavier Morgan's Death Coming #biketo

I've been thinking a lot about Xavier Morgan, the five-year-old who died while cycling the Martin Goodman Trail last week. When I was a kid, I cycled the Martin Goodman Trail, and I still do so today. In fact, I literally biked it today as I wanted to visit the spot where Xavier Morgan veered off the trail into eastbound traffic on Lake Shore Boulevard.

I've ridden this exact stretch with my older two children countless times, and never once was I concerned for their safety. After all, there are no cars on the Martin Goodman Trail. Your biggest concern is they'll be hit by other cyclists or ride into pedestrians. I never once considered the possibility they could end up on Lake Shore while riding west.

Here's a couple of photos I took today. Between the trail and boulevard there is only a foot or so of brick and concrete. There is absolutely no barrier, nothing to slow down or stop a child should they veer off course.


And tragically, that's exactly what happened Wednesday. While cycling downhill, a child lost control and ended up on Lake Shore where it was too late for an eastbound driver to stop. In hindsight, such an accident seems inevitable.

A physical barrier is needed lest this happen again. The Martin Goodman Trail is incredibly popular with cyclists of all ages but far too close to the busy road on this particular downhill stretch.

I'm just sorry a child had to die to make this so damn obvious.

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