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The lowdown on the world of VPNs!

We hear a lot these days about a little something called a  VPN- but do you really know what it is? Do you really know why you would need  it and what benefits it can bring you? I noticed quite a bit of confusion and  at times, misinformation in the online community when it comes to VPN so I  thought as a sort of public service announcement, I would fill you in on the  details. When it comes to VPNs there is a huge range of options out there, but  if you want to drill down to the best on offer- be sure to check out these best  online reviews!


What is a VPN?
 A VPN is a virtual private network and it enables you to  have a secure connection to a specific network via the internet- all data is  encrypted, private, and safe from prying and nosey eyes.  The easiest way of explaining it is by using the analogy of you piggybacking on  someone else, to get to a destination.

Why do I need a VPN?
 A VPN is the key to your privacy. Whether is it websites  using your browsing history to target adverts, or regulations in your country  stopping you from accessing certain sites-using a VPN can bypass all of this  and allow you to access a range of services that are not currently available to  you. A Great example would be- Mrs X is from England originally, she now lives  in Canada but wants to be able to catch up with her soap operas from the UK.  Some UK sites won’t allow her to watch because she has an IP address that is  hosted in Canada. Therefore, by using a VPN she can bypass this restriction and  watch her EastEnders in peace.


Another use for a VPN is the example of a student or office  worker who needs to access the school or workplace network remotely. With a VPN  they can quickly and easily log into this remote network via a VPN and password  an access all of their files and data from an outside location. One can also  utilise the services of a VPN if you are accessing a public WiFi service and  you need to send sensitive information or personal details over the network. By  using a VPN you can ensure that your details and information remain private at  all times and free from snoopers!
 There are other reasons why you might need to use a VPN but  some of them, such as downloading films, and streaming TV shows border on  illegal in some countries and we would never want to advocate things like that!


What makes a good  VPN?
 The sign of a good VPN is a solid combination of great  features, a good servicer location, and a good price. Some VPN services are  meant for constant use and some are designed for occasional use- like streaming  a football match or watching the tennis! What VPN works for you, really depends  on what you are looking for and what you intend to do with it, and once you  have decided that you can really get into the nitty gritty of the technical  details.
So, I hope I have managed to clear up  a few of your misconceptions and confusions about VPNs- what they are for and  why you need them- so what are you waiting for? Go find the VPN for you, and  get going!

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