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Guide for Getting Free Stuff for Canadians

A wiseman once said “the best things in life are free”.  Actually who knows who said what and when but one thing we know is that most  people like free stuff and surprisingly there are more freebies out there than you think that you can take advantage of  right now. We’ll give you our tips and tricks on getting the best things for  free!


Craigslist & Kijiji

You would be surprised at what people are giving away for  free on Cragslist. Just check out the nearest city near you and look for the  “for sale” section and look for “free”. Here we have found free furniture,  clothes, electronics including free TVs! You can more stuff on Kijiji as well  as they have a free stuff section.

Red Flag Deals

Also known as RFD, this site has been around for many years  and it’s filled with a huge community of Canadians that are looking out for the  best deals all around. They even have a freebies section if you are straight up  looking for free stuff

Free Samples & Freebie Websites

Free samples are cool and if you never looked into this, you  would be shocked at all the things you can score for free. Many companies are  always offering free samples as they know it is a gateway for getting more  people using their products. Finding these freebies can take a lot of research  but thankfully there are many websites setup that collect all this data for you  and have made it their business. It’s hard to recommend any one of these sites  as they all seem alike but offer the same stuff so just search for “free stuff  for Canadians” in Google and you’ll find them all.

Free money from online casinos

It sounds like another one of those too good to be true  things but really it is true! Online casinos exist in the hundreds and they all  want you to signup and are willing to give you free  spins on slots and no  deposit casino bonuses just for joining. You can claim anywhere from  20 to 50 of these bonuses in total throughout different casinos. If you are  lucky you’ll win on a few of these bonuses and cashout. There is a maximum  cashout value associated with this free money which ranges from $50 to $100 but  hey, it didn’t cost you anything. It’s an easy way to play the casino for real  money without having to risk any of your own and your chances of walking away  with real money are fairly good.


Birthday Freebies

It’s your birthday and maybe your friends and family have  part of your day planned for you where you don’t have to spend any money. There  are many companies that like to help make your birthday more special by  offering a discount or better yet something for free.


Much to our surprise, a website is dedicated for Canadians  for free stuff on their birthdays. It’s no joke and the list of things you can  get for free is huge, it would be literally impossible to accomplish half the  list of freebies ranging from free products, to free drinks to free food.

Oh and if you joined all those casinos listed above and  didn’t win, just ask all of them if they have any free spins or no deposit bonuses  for your birthday and you’ll have even more free money which you can use to  win.

Free Education & Courses

If you are looking to upgrade your skills but don’t want to  fork over money for fees and tuition then you are in luck. There has been a  growing trend worldwide for free education and courses.

Want to learn to program? Codeschool offers 13 free  introductory courses to get started and see if it’s for you. If you do decide  you want to join more of their courses, it’s only $29/month and it covers a lot  of amazing courses and programming languages.

If you pick any topic and search for “free courses” you’ll  find even more courses available. Many of these are local so if you have a  college or university close by, look them up and see what free courses they are  offering.

Free Books


Free books are really everywhere if you just look. On Kindle  or if you start searching for books by topic, you can filter by  price: low to high and that will show all the books costing … $0.00 aka free.  You can load up your phone with all sorts of free books and carry an entire  library with you that cost you nothing.

Product Testing

You can get even more free items by being a product and  service tester. There are many companies that are setup to act as an  intermediary so they can connect companies with people where they get their  products or services tested, get feedback and you get to enjoy the benefits of  freemium products and services. Win/Win!

Free Trials

Now be very very careful when it comes to free trials, there  are some companies that have mastered the art of manipulation and they have  terms and conditions that put you at a disadvantage so you’ll need to protect  yourself. That said, there are so many things you can do to get a free trial  which limited obligations. Just be sure you ask what is required to opt out and  if you want to take it to the furthest level, email to ask questions so you  have it documented that you can opt out without being obligated to pay anything  and record this if doing the same by phone and let the person know you are  recording.

What can you get for free trials?

Gym memberships -  Just search for ‘tree trial gym’ and you’d be surprised most gyms offer some  type of free trial
 Martial arts -  Most programs will offer a day for free and some might extend it to a week. If  you want to pick up a new skill and get fit, look to see what’s in your area.
 Free Events -  Check to find out the latest events near you, most which are of course free.
 Software - Many software products  that cost money will offer a free trial.
 Newspaper - Yes  who reads the ‘paper news’ these days but these newspapers are struggling and  will give you weeks or a month of a free trial hoping you’ll subscribe.

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